Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Behavior of Rabbinic Jews towards Karaites.

Check this page out. And the types of people that Rabbis have no problem using to promote themselves.

Update: They have a guy there who claims Karaites worked with the Nazi's and should be kicked out of Israel but they aren't really Jews. This guy is truly scary with his hatred. His double standards in so many area's is so obvious though just to pick on this group which really is because they disagree on some issues which actually they are right. The torah does trace lineage from the father and not the mother but this guy can't handle that so he wants Karaites to be thrown out of Israel and exterminated it seems like to me as he has stated they should be kicked out of Israel and if they are picked on because they are Jews or even killed he wouldn't care or shed a tear. Truly disgusting. Adam Kratt. I can't believe he has the same first name as me and has such hatred to Karaites which are a small group and really are no threat to him. He has also said that all the problems with Jews are because of Karaites. Someone with such hatred is a real danger to the Jewish people and everyone else to be fair as can't really handle what the bible really says but God knows better then Adam Kratt and most if not all Karaites don't feel Rabbinic Jews are not Jews or should be thrown to the wolves as Adam Kratt does.

Karaites have been called vicious names with very little evidence of anything that is incorrect.

Attracting the worst types of people.

And clearly don't follow their own rules. Hide behind minority viewpoints (as people there are  defending women Rabbis which Rabbinic Judaism will do to attack Karaites even though Rabbinic Judaism with one exception doesn't allow this) yet refuse to accept the Karaites and their views most (although not all) of which has a legitimate basis even if they are a more minority viewpoint. So what? They accept Rabbis with a minority viewpoint why not Karaites?

The answer I don't think I have to say. Clearly from reading this I can see Rabbis turning to secular people to shut down the opinions of others. That is why they hide behind women and minorities and most of their conversions are these two groups. They can then use them to try to shut down other people's opinions and even use secular authorities. They support these secular (not really secular but whatever) ideas of feminism and other envy type politics of one group for another for the same reason the men in the government do. And that is they know it can be used to attack men who disagree with them hiding behind some sort of equality law which can be used against anyone they disagree with as nobody deep down views everyone the same. In both cases it is a power grab.

This frightens me greatly though to see this kind of hatred by Rabbinic Jews towards their brethren. They don't care about destroying the lives of other Jews who for various don't share their views.

How can I respect them when I grew up 23 years (and there was some good) and saw a lot of immoral behavior and views that don't match what the bible says that is ignored on the highest levels and then someone on my blog shows me they aren't the only game in town and I see many of their claims are true.

And the more I see things like this the more I can't respect them as a group. It is no different then in some era's when some Christians if Jews didn't accept Jesus we had no rights. In fact this mentality is a very bad reason why some Jews and Christians see a similarity in this kind of group think mentality and in both cases it is very bad and makes God look very bad.

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