Wednesday, January 18, 2012

At the interview I went to this Orthodox woman wouldn't shake my hand.

As this guy was an Orthodox Jewish guy and a woman told me she doesn't shake the hands of men. In general usually you shake a little  less strong with a woman then a man (maybe that is sexist but what I can tell you). 

But to be fair this actually is a distortion  that women actually shouldn’t even shake the hand of another woman at many times according to the reason this exists which I will discuss here. 

But sadly many aspects of the bible have been distorted to bash men.

The bible does mention that a woman is impure certain times of the month and this impurity does pass to other items and people she touches. This would apply to other women as well.

Yet the Rabbis have distorted this in two ways which both is to make this as something to make it that is something against men. #1)  Married women go to be purified each month but according to the Rabbis unmarried women don’t and are always in this impure state which if you want to keep this at least do it right and #2) If the woman is impure as stated above it doesn’t affect just men but women as well. So these women shouldn’t want to touch other women as well who don’t her.

In fact  the Rabbis give unmarried women more freedom and can (there are other examples of this) actually make a woman not want to get married and have a distorted view of this that it has to do with the man since she didn’t have to do it when not married.

This is all discussed in Leviticus Chapter 15 that discusses both male and female impurity.

As to why this impurity that is 7 days for women is of course this is during their childbearing years when either not pregnant or nursing and this to remind a woman to use her sexuality for the proper purpose God created it and that was to be able to get pregnant and carry a child and nurse a child and to be able to attract a man to be the father of the child.

The man’s impurity makes sense in that a woman’s attraction is not just for his own physical pleasure and when he wastes his semen from a dream of a pretty woman he also is wasting using this for the possibility of using it to bring life into the world in a relationship with a woman.

Today we don’t have the temple but for God to want to have his presence in a new temple I would think we should do this right which the bible does say that not to let these impurities into the temple and having unmarried woman all always impure will certainly make everyone else impure including other women. See again Leviticus 15.

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