Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Albert Einstein marriage contract.(Don't agree here)

Update: (Interesting that someone responded on you tube to my comment that Einstein is acting wrongly that at that time divorce was seen as bad which is true and didn't want a divorce. However, from  my own religious perspective, you can't keep a woman you don't feel affection for.
Interesting how the bible puts it as actually it assumes there is a time for divorce since it is first mentioned in Deuteronomy 24:1: If a man takes a wife and marries her and it will be that she will not find favor in his eyes in her matter of something immoral and wrote her a bill of divorcement and sent her from his house. You can't have it both ways and keep a woman you no longer have affection for and it also shows a man should marry a woman with good character that a man can love long term as despite the anti male hate today any healthy man part of his love for his wife has an emotional base to is as well which is very important and if that erodes he can't truly love his wife.)

Interesting video. Don't agree with Einstein here and some of the views of the person making the video. Certainly don't think what Einstein did here is proper. Some women want to do this to men as well but a wrong doesn't make a right. I do think Einstein was wrong here if he truly didn't love this woman anymore as he married her in the first place and from listening to it married a woman without looking for the right qualities in a wife.

Einstein married a woman who was in the same field he was in and they lost affection from listening to this. From listening to it it sounds like the wife was jealous put a man and woman competing with each other doesn't really make a good marriage. Einsteins solution was to make a marriage contract with absurd conditions as he didn't want to give a divorce. But if you truly no longer love a woman you should give her a divorce as the bible clearly wants if a man truly no longer loves a woman and it is mostly emotional stuff here that obviously turned Einstein off to her.

I do think though one lesson here is that a man should look for different qualities in a woman then they would in looking for someone to do science experiments with. This also shows that feminism is nothing new and clearly this was part of what was gong on here and with Einstein buying it as well as despite what people think many men do sometimes think that woman can be as good in any area a man is except they were oppressed (simetimes they are projecting their own treatment of others that isn't proper) but at some point most men will see that doing this won't even make a woman or them happy in the end and that men and women naturally have different areas they are more skilled at as it is very related to hormones that does effect our behavior.

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