Monday, January 30, 2012

Man talks about the removal of Father and Son in the Christian Bible

This was done it seems to appease Muslims from what I have read. Not sure if that is the true reason but that is what I have read. I will say I don't like this kind of terminology and as a Jewish person don't think it is truly biblical as in some ways the Christian Bible contradicts the Jewish Bible and does violate the idea of God being one which Moses says to Israel "Hear O Israel the Lord you God is One" in Deutoronomy although I don't see the point of CENSORING IT. It says what it says.

The problem is God is not a man and to turn God into the father and son is demoting God and is bad for gender relations because God created both man and woman in the image of God. I see some who want to replace a father or a husband with this image of God as the father and son and I think it is very bad and making a mockery of God. In fact in the Five Books of Moses God is never considered the father except in one case in a poem at the end of Deutoronomy. In the Jewish prophets as well.

I just find it odd that with all the references to God as father the US is now in a culture where so many children don't have a father and yet many from single homes go to a church which they really do REPLACE GOD AND JESUS for their real father. And that is really bad.

Labeling clothes as "modest"

It is funny. On the site Domestic Felicity see the post dated a few days before this post today being Jan 30th
she is promoting a site called "Princess" Modesty Swimwear. Which a woman there commented that it seems the women who claim to be "modest" seem to be overly concerned on their own appearance.

Which is there anything wrote with that? No!! Absolutely not. We all have some vanity and that is the way we are as human beings. It is not really being "modest" though. This idea that not wearing a Bikini or a very low cut mini dress is "modest" when you want it to look as good just with parts of the body covered is just silly. In fact you may think it looks better which really isn't about modesty.

For women to walk around talking about their MODEST CLOTHING is about as immodest as you can be.

The reality is at a certain age women are going to be attractive and that is the way God created it and the issue is more how a woman behaves and uses her sexuality in the right way rather then hiding it or thinking because something is labelled "modest' this makes them modest. .

Sunday, January 29, 2012

This is what I posted to a Christian who supports Israel.

2nd most liked on this You Tube Video. 4 liked and 1 disliked. On wanting Jewish Zionists. This is what I posted. 

I am Jewish and I listen to your video's and I very much appreciate your support of Israel as some of my family there and I am possibly thinking of moving myself with help from some groups that help support those for the first few years. I will say though that the laws of the Jewish bible are not superceded either any more then the land of Israel. When properly understood (a few cases are not literal and the Hebrew and context clearly shows this) they are laws that are just and compassionate.

Here is the Video. 

Michael Savage Tears Apart Ron Paul.

Good piece overall. For a guy claiming to be for small government, which is a lie,  he puts pork in bills and then votes "no" knowing his no will not have any effect and it will pass. But anyway why would someone have a problem with Israel and the Jews is they truly were for "small government'. After all Jews are a small people compared to other religions and that should help keep balance of the larger religions. But he is a liar and a phony in every way. All the Paulbot spammers voted negative on this.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Alzheimers man, 72, must pay Alimony to ex.

While his wife actually works. But it is more sexy for male politicians to save damsels in distress and I guess in some ways it is natural for men to want to protect women but the problem is us American men that aren't politicians aren't the enemy that women need protection from.

Some men get so screwed it is a terrible injustice. At least this guy has a wife that takes care of him but some men can't even remarry in their prime years because they have so obligations to an ex who was the one initiating the divorce. This kind of stuff is just terrible.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Behavior of Rabbinic Jews towards Karaites.

Check this page out. And the types of people that Rabbis have no problem using to promote themselves.

Update: They have a guy there who claims Karaites worked with the Nazi's and should be kicked out of Israel but they aren't really Jews. This guy is truly scary with his hatred. His double standards in so many area's is so obvious though just to pick on this group which really is because they disagree on some issues which actually they are right. The torah does trace lineage from the father and not the mother but this guy can't handle that so he wants Karaites to be thrown out of Israel and exterminated it seems like to me as he has stated they should be kicked out of Israel and if they are picked on because they are Jews or even killed he wouldn't care or shed a tear. Truly disgusting. Adam Kratt. I can't believe he has the same first name as me and has such hatred to Karaites which are a small group and really are no threat to him. He has also said that all the problems with Jews are because of Karaites. Someone with such hatred is a real danger to the Jewish people and everyone else to be fair as can't really handle what the bible really says but God knows better then Adam Kratt and most if not all Karaites don't feel Rabbinic Jews are not Jews or should be thrown to the wolves as Adam Kratt does.

Karaites have been called vicious names with very little evidence of anything that is incorrect.

Attracting the worst types of people.

And clearly don't follow their own rules. Hide behind minority viewpoints (as people there are  defending women Rabbis which Rabbinic Judaism will do to attack Karaites even though Rabbinic Judaism with one exception doesn't allow this) yet refuse to accept the Karaites and their views most (although not all) of which has a legitimate basis even if they are a more minority viewpoint. So what? They accept Rabbis with a minority viewpoint why not Karaites?

Mrs. Anna of Domestic Felicity I feel has some friends that are just deflecting our problems and also see Jews as anti-social.

She likes the attention and to fair there is nothing wrong with that. We all like when people comment. She almost never posts about Jewish men other then Rabbis, (and doesn't seem to be interested neither she nor her husband about how men feel about various religious obligations the male Rabbis force on them) although for one of the first times recently she did post about her husbands ideas (his views on day care at such a young age) which I though was great. In some ways I  am not so thrilled with her husband but I can't criticize him since he is not a blogger so I have to criticize Mrs. Anna. In the past Mrs. Anna just likes to promote male Rabbis and their wisdom which to be fair overall at this point I don't feel this way especially regarding feminism and how they treat other men.

 Anyway, two types of people who post and support her may be dong for reasons that are not so great and Mrs. Anna should be aware of it and realize she is not really helping her own people by doing so.

1. Non-Jewish women who think that at the end of the day Judaism is more "anti-social" which is why they need Jesus so Mrs. Anna fits the stereotype that Christians want of Jews of being overly self centered and not caring too much about others. And the bad parts of Christianity she imitates

2.. Jewish women along with her that don't realize that feminism is a problem in their own religion of Rabbinic Judaism and many men (myself very much included. I'll be frank about it and some will attack for that which in itself shows the hatred) have complained and expressed concerns to which they are ignored or even attacked. The Rabbis need a "site' they could show others to show, well, feminism, is not a problem. Never mind the person who runs the site is not concerned about reaching out to men in any far reaching way and it is enough if her husband just reaches out to "neighbors" but ignores the rest of the world while she reaches out to a larger audience with her blog which in itself she is taking on the larger public role then her husband. This is a common tactic by those that have a problem. Rather then deal with it try to claim it isn't a problem using some website or group that upon closer review actually shows the problem is very much there. As she has little interest in reaching out to men which any true group being concerned about feminism would want to reach out to men.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Part 2 on this: What do people think of Nefesh B'Nefesh

Part 2: Here is a map of the current Israel since it is good to have some photo. 

  This is a little long winded but please if you can respond it does give me some idea and may help others as well.   

  So I honestly have been thinking of making Aliyah

Sunday, January 22, 2012

God telling us HE will bring us back in Deuteronomy 30. (Part 1)

Don't know what to make of Deutoronomy 30:1-5 which God promises that if Jews follow his commands that we will be brought back to Israel and take us in from where we were scattered. Those that claim the Jewish bible is not about Love sadly have focused on how some Jewish people behave and not the bible. 

But it begs the question. So, should we do it ourselves if we have the means to be able to move to Israel. Obviously God can't make us magically appear there so does it mean God tries to bring us in by other Jews reaching out to us.

As it says: 3. then the Lord your God will restore your fortunes and have mercy on you. He will bring you together again from all the people where the Lord your God has scattered you. 4. If your dispersed will be at the ends of heaven from there the Lord your God will gather you in and from there he will take you in.

5. And the Lord your God will bring you to the land your fathers possessed and you shall possess it.  

Obviously some of this is not literal. As it just means those very far away from Israel which some places Jews live is far away from Israel.

And for God to say he will bring us in. This could be from those in Israel trying to help those outside of Israel to move to Israel when it would be hard for us to move to a new country without this. As God works through the natural order of things and through people and gives strength to those who are promoting God’s will. It doesn’t mean by some magic. Just through man those outside of Israel are helped to move to Israel when it would be very hard for them.

Newt wins SC.

I don't know what to say. None of them are too good although as long as it is not Ron Paul I guess I will vote for who they run as Obama in a second term he could do much worse stuff. And Newt on his 3rd wife won. The issue is in general he says one thing but does another. And  I think he can pick on the vulnerable which is not a good thing in general as you want to some to take on real dangers and not just pick on those that are easy targets. Anyway here is an interesting article that I found on the Michael Savage site as he calls it "Drama king Newt Gingrich.

Moses was 80 years old when he first spoke to Pharoh.

And the events leading to them being taken out of Egypt and receiving the torah and the 10 commandments.
(Exodus 7:7). And he lived till 120. (Deutoronomy 34:7). So he led the people in the 3rd quarter of his life from 80-120 which is interesting. That wisdom took priority over youth in this case in addition to him having a very humble nature. Although clearly despite his age he had much vigor as it does say his eyes were undimmed and his vigor unabated.

Which also means he was in exile from his people for most of his adult life to take on this role at 80.

It is also interested that back in Noah God reduced the life span to not more then 120 years. (Noah 6:3) which seems to be true as this is about the age of the oldest person is somewhere between 110-120.

So the pictures of Moses with a gray beard do seem appropriate like the one here on Wikipedia.

The Myth Of The Chosen People Video. Very disturbing replacment theology

This video by this Brother Nathaniel I am posting because it gives an insight into how people who want to ignore part of the Jewish Bible (which they wrong call "The Old Testiment) will use part of our bible. It is relevant becaue this isn't even limited to Christians. Somone there rightly posts the serious nature of replacement theology see the top comment on this video. His repsonse and his views are quite telling. He doesn't claim the New Chosen are Christians. No!! To him this is pointing to the "Church". The men of the Church replace the Jewish people. And then he goes on it is not the synogague. Actually the Jewish idea's belong to the Jewish people and not exclusively to Rabbis.

But this kind of idea exists among Jews as well espcially Rabbis. They also believe that the synogague and they the Rabbis replace Jewish men.  The fact that the torah counted all men over 20 to the Rabbis today all that matters is what they think. And their view of Jewish women as well that they belong to the Rabbis and the synogague. So we ourselves have used this similar of bigotry. As this whole idea really never came from the bible but was a power grab by the church and gave no rights to Jews but as well basically saying the average Christan is nothing either. Same with Rabbis. It isn't based on the bible but them wanted to increase their own power for their own selfish reasons. I have seen women who have a ring from the Church as if they are married to the man in the church but similar stuff I see with Jewish women who are basically in the way they act basically married to the Rabbi.

But this mentality people must realize is based on hatred to Jewish people as this video shows and completely ignoring what God really says.

It doesn't give any power to any group of people. Just to some religious institution as this video shows.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

A video of a Modern Orthodox girl bragging about not touching boys.

Which if a woman is impure as discussed in Leviticus she shouldn’t touch girls either. So this is a real twisted way of applying this idea. You see some of the other video’s and It is girl that doesn’t seem to care much for guys for whatever reason as she likes just having a good time with other girls.  And you would hope this wouldn’t attract more of this type of women that actually like this because they don’t like guys  and are attracted to the religion because they see women that don’t like men which is their kind of woman.  

Yet you have those that always are complaing about the so called ultra Orthodox and from what I have noticed if you really look into in the extreme positions regarding dealing with the opposite gender from what I see have nothing to do with taking religion too far but more to do with disliking men.  

At the interview I went to this Orthodox woman wouldn't shake my hand.

As this guy was an Orthodox Jewish guy and a woman told me she doesn't shake the hands of men. In general usually you shake a little  less strong with a woman then a man (maybe that is sexist but what I can tell you). 

But to be fair this actually is a distortion  that women actually shouldn’t even shake the hand of another woman at many times according to the reason this exists which I will discuss here. 

But sadly many aspects of the bible have been distorted to bash men.

The bible does mention that a woman is impure certain times of the month and this impurity does pass to other items and people she touches. This would apply to other women as well.

Yet the Rabbis have distorted this in two ways which both is to make this as something to make it that is something against men. #1)  Married women go to be purified each month but according to the Rabbis unmarried women don’t and are always in this impure state which if you want to keep this at least do it right and #2) If the woman is impure as stated above it doesn’t affect just men but women as well. So these women shouldn’t want to touch other women as well who don’t her.

In fact  the Rabbis give unmarried women more freedom and can (there are other examples of this) actually make a woman not want to get married and have a distorted view of this that it has to do with the man since she didn’t have to do it when not married.

This is all discussed in Leviticus Chapter 15 that discusses both male and female impurity.

As to why this impurity that is 7 days for women is of course this is during their childbearing years when either not pregnant or nursing and this to remind a woman to use her sexuality for the proper purpose God created it and that was to be able to get pregnant and carry a child and nurse a child and to be able to attract a man to be the father of the child.

The man’s impurity makes sense in that a woman’s attraction is not just for his own physical pleasure and when he wastes his semen from a dream of a pretty woman he also is wasting using this for the possibility of using it to bring life into the world in a relationship with a woman.

Today we don’t have the temple but for God to want to have his presence in a new temple I would think we should do this right which the bible does say that not to let these impurities into the temple and having unmarried woman all always impure will certainly make everyone else impure including other women. See again Leviticus 15.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Ontario Overbilled Non-Custodial Dads $5.3 Million

In my opinion the government should be forced to pay penalties and interest if they made a mistake. To get someone of the government on the phone could be hard if not impossible as this article states. They should at least pay interest as well as penalties. If you don't pay your taxes on time you have to pay interest and penalties in the US. It should be the same both ways.

Going on an interview for more tax work. Wish me luck.

They also do some work with Israelis as well. In fact the guy who is interviewing just came back from Israel.

Moses marrying Zipporah.

  In last weeks bible reading Moses marries Zipporah the Midainite who her father gives her daughter to Moses as he invited Moses over after he helped them watered their flock to protect them from Shepards who chased them away.

  After God speaks to Moses that he will kill the first born of Egypt, God it seems threatened to kill Moses (Exodus 4:24) to which Tzippora does the circumcission of their son.  She wasn't even from this culture and  nation and yet clearly she deeply respected the culture to follow this law that was passed to all Israelites that they circumcize their sons which the reason it wasn't done earlier from what I learned is that it wasn't safe. Although didn't he have three sons. So what about the other two???

  It does make me question the reason I was taught that this was the situation and God felt now Moses should do it which is a very basic requirement to be part of the Israelite nation. You can't be if you are not circumcized. Also since God just spoke to Moses he should have been especially vigilant to do this at this time when God was showing his love for his people by promises Moses he would  save them. So it does leave a few question which does anyone have any other ideas they have heard?

  This is the 3rd major man that clearly married outside his own nation. Joseph and Judah being the others. In Judah's case two of the sons died Er and Onan and his life continued through sons he had through Tamar who was not Caananite in which that was who Judah married who also died young. All three of these men obviously had issues with their family and with their people.

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Rand Paul and LASIK.

Paul specializes in cataract and glaucoma surgeries, LASIK procedures, and corneal transplants.

From Wikipdia on Rand Paul. Seems like a Dr. Megela to me. No suprise me as the apple doesn't fall far from the tree as they say. That oath you say "Do no harm" no longer matters as you could make 4,000-5,000 for a half hour procedure.

Interesting. He does both LASIK and corneal transplants. Sometimes patients who have LASIK need a Cornea Transplant as LASIK weakens the Cornea by the flap they create. If he does corneal transplants he must know the link between this yet he does the procedure anyway and downplays the complications which are many.

It is very personal to me as I was thinking of getting LASIK as I am -5 Myope (in my better eye) which without my glasses my vision is pretty limited and I was thinking of getting LASIK until I find out by going home out day that the FDA wanting stronger warnings on the procedure which forced me to take a longer look on the internet and I was shocked by what I found and would never get this procedure and am disgusted with doctors that at this point have to know there are serious compliations with this procedure yet do it anyway. Dry Eye, Night driving problems, halo's, ectasia (bulging of the cornea) loss of contrast sensitivity. All this NOT CORRECTED by eyeglasses as these are not refractive errors and my God this is not worth an elective procedure. Some even claim safer then contacts which is absolute malarky. For one thing if you start have issues you got wear glasses for a while. With LASIK you can't undo the surgery.

Just shows you the level of immorality among the Pauls. Here is a full link of LASIK.

Prostitutes support Ron Paul.

Isn't that great. The prostitutes of Brothels that are legal in Nevada support Ron Paul. Who just use their body for a one night stand with a so called man. I guess that is what the founding fathers had in mind when we fought the British. That is very conservative and religious of him to support immorality like this. I understand very well why Ron Paul hates Jews and Israel as the God of Israel is very much against turning women into prostitutes.

Nine European Nations Ratings cut.

Hat Tip:

The Nanny state in Europe is really starting to crumble among Debts of many European Nations. You can't have an economy with the extremely low birth rates that exist in Europe due to the Nanny State that causes people to act on government promises that can't be kept long term without going bankrupt.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Talking to my 89 year old female neighbor soon to be 90.

Telling me interesting stuff. She was telling me that her brother and some of her siblings were delivered by midwifes as I was just mentioning how expensive pregnancy care is. This does exist though although it should never be one or the other but it is crazy that we treat pregnancy like a disease as it is not a disease and these were a better more balanced view then today where it is treated like an illness which it isn't.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Refreshing my Hebrew using this web site. Hebrew Podcasts.

It is a husband and wife and their daughter who role play different dialogues of different situations. 

Not bad. I can read and write hebrew well. However, my conversational hebrew is not so good and this site is very helpful and reasonably priced. Only $60 a year I think.

Hebrew is a beautiful language and unlike English words are different is they are male or female singular or plural. The site his index cards which you can practice in either direction to remember words and to save cards for words you don't know from each lesson. Also have a quiz for each lesson and sort of a hangman, wheel of fortune type game to help remember phrases.

I really want to improve my Hebrew and this is certainly helping listening to the lessons and a very down to earth practical approach.

LA to crack down on sex trafficking.

It is sex trafficking awareness month and this is something that is a horrible crime when young girls are being taken advantage of by prostitutes which really is a despicable crime. Sadly this goes on in the USA and many don't care because many of these girls have no political clout being 11 and 12 years old.

Good for them. Pimps that prey on young girls from disturbed families should be made a slave themselves for endless generations for what they are doing. Same with family members who are assisted them in this knowing full well what is going on. If women develop STDs from prostitution that they can never have children and have other diseases from the prostitution and abuse these pimps should be forced to pay any of these women's bills for the rest of their lives to ruin their lives like this. If they have little or no money left well that is their problem. In this day and age that would be a good transfer of money. Just forcing them to pay would make sure they had no life of their own since they ruined these women's lives.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Going to my Uncle the Dentist about this tooth.

There is a space. It did heal somewhat but my Uncle wants me to see him again in a few months. Hopefully the tooth will not need to be removed.

It is crazy I have these problems with my teeth I am Uncle is a dentist and because of this I didn't go for a number of years to have my teeth cleaned and it has led to these problems from a number of large cavities. At least my parents are willing to pay for the part that is not going to be free since it is my Uncle.

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Albert Einstein marriage contract.(Don't agree here)

Update: (Interesting that someone responded on you tube to my comment that Einstein is acting wrongly that at that time divorce was seen as bad which is true and didn't want a divorce. However, from  my own religious perspective, you can't keep a woman you don't feel affection for.
Interesting how the bible puts it as actually it assumes there is a time for divorce since it is first mentioned in Deuteronomy 24:1: If a man takes a wife and marries her and it will be that she will not find favor in his eyes in her matter of something immoral and wrote her a bill of divorcement and sent her from his house. You can't have it both ways and keep a woman you no longer have affection for and it also shows a man should marry a woman with good character that a man can love long term as despite the anti male hate today any healthy man part of his love for his wife has an emotional base to is as well which is very important and if that erodes he can't truly love his wife.)

Interesting video. Don't agree with Einstein here and some of the views of the person making the video. Certainly don't think what Einstein did here is proper. Some women want to do this to men as well but a wrong doesn't make a right. I do think Einstein was wrong here if he truly didn't love this woman anymore as he married her in the first place and from listening to it married a woman without looking for the right qualities in a wife.

Einstein married a woman who was in the same field he was in and they lost affection from listening to this. From listening to it it sounds like the wife was jealous put a man and woman competing with each other doesn't really make a good marriage. Einsteins solution was to make a marriage contract with absurd conditions as he didn't want to give a divorce. But if you truly no longer love a woman you should give her a divorce as the bible clearly wants if a man truly no longer loves a woman and it is mostly emotional stuff here that obviously turned Einstein off to her.

I do think though one lesson here is that a man should look for different qualities in a woman then they would in looking for someone to do science experiments with. This also shows that feminism is nothing new and clearly this was part of what was gong on here and with Einstein buying it as well as despite what people think many men do sometimes think that woman can be as good in any area a man is except they were oppressed (simetimes they are projecting their own treatment of others that isn't proper) but at some point most men will see that doing this won't even make a woman or them happy in the end and that men and women naturally have different areas they are more skilled at as it is very related to hormones that does effect our behavior.

Greece Fertility Rates. Only 42 Grandkids for 100 Grandparents.
Hat tip:Ladies against feminism. Since I work for someone who is Greek part time this aspect of theiir economic problems isn't really discussed. It is very much part of the problem though sadly. This posted from the link above.
It has one of the lowest fertility rates on the planet. In Greece, 100 grandparents have 42 grandchildren — i.e., the family tree is upside down. In a social-democratic state where workers in “hazardous” professions (such as, er, hairdressing) retire at 50, there aren’t enough young people around to pay for your three-decade retirement. And there are unlikely ever to be again.

Sunday, January 01, 2012

Need some advice here.

If anyone could give me some good advice here. You can email me privately. I had one relative from Israel who did email me. I have an older relative who at one point I was having some exchange but haven't in a while.

It is sort of my fault in that I told him I have some issues with Rabbis which I don't agree with them on everything at the moment and I sort of went on and on about it since he felt very strongly we should do what the Rabbis say.

I admit sometimes you have to subtle.

He did work as a bookkeeper in Israel and made Aliyah later in life with his children who also made alliyah. He now is 94. God bless him I wish I live that long. He is my Grandfathers younger brother who I never knew as my Grandmother died at only 62. I am likely going to take a trip to Israel at the end of April-Early May.

It could very well be he can't see well enough to use the computer. I don't know. His wife is I think about 10 years younger and I think it is both their emails and I already emailed saying I may come in January which at this point by the time one relative could have me it was too close to my busy season.

So should I try to email him again and if I do what should I bring up?  Or at this point there really not interested and accept that.

A North Korean Plea on what is gong on there.

I have the book The Aquariums of Pyongyang which discusses a man who had to live 10 years in a gulag and had to escape when he was worried he would be put back in. Very relevant with the passing of the vicious dictator Kim Jong Ill. He was lucky to escape into China and then South Korea.

He wrote a book on his own existence which really shows the horrors of communism which is the mode of government favored by dictators because in the name of "promoting equality for everyone regardless of skill and hard work" they can intrude into every aspect of your life. Every communist has been very evil and it isn't a coincidence. The end result over time is a destroyed country with the only type of equality is equally having nothing. The only people that may have something are the few on top. But anyway this is the plea of Kang Chol Hwan at the end of his book as some want to unify with the dictator Kim Jong Ill (now Kim Jong Un). Reaad this. It is so heartrenching what happens in a dictatorship when people are starving for basic food.

"Reunification is inevitable, but it can only take place once Pyongyang has stopped crucifying the population under its control. How can we stand by while troops of orphans cross the Yalu and Tumen rivers seeking refuge in China? How can we stand by while parents sell their daughters for something to eat? I don't want to see any more skeletal children with wide frightened eyes. I don't want any more children sent to the camps and their mother forced to divorce their fathers. I want their grandfathers to be around to tell them stories- and their giggles on the banks of the Daedong never to be interrupted by the arrival of bureaucrats from the Security Force. "

More on the very antisemitic, legalize prostitution Ron Paul

Here is more on the man that wants to legalize prostitution and drugs. I guess someone who would to legalize prostitution would hate Jews because the bible views this as a serious violation of a woman

 Here is some more about Ron Paul. His connection lead back to real Nazi’s. Was a big contributor to the Spotlight. As this article states Paul because of his hatred of Jews has warped everything about him. If this means destroying America because of his hatred and jealousies of Jews so be it. No wonder he has no problem with Iran even though they also hate Europe and America as well and Israel is only their “first” target.

More on my feelings on Evolution. The first couple of Adam and Eve

The first relationship, Adam and Eve. Hmmm. Must have been interesting.

Anyway gong through some of my thoughts here. Anyone who would like to jump in feel free to comment. Sometimes ignorance is bliss but I have read and though a lot about this topic and read the other side which is very persuasive as a thinking person that doesn't automatically reject a different position.