Monday, December 19, 2011

A woman fells she "deserves" respect because she is "modest"

Doesn't that defeat the purpose. Modesty isn't even something just about women either. It applies to men as well. The bible mentions many times how Moses was humble and that seems to be lost today. It is easier for the men to well women to be modest I guess. But when it reaches a point where you feel you "deserve" respect then you aren't modest at all and this is sort of roll in the mud type of thing that  you're holier then the next person because you dress more modestly. Which I agree a married women or even an unmarried should not dress overly provocatively
but God didn't ask women to punish themselves and I will admit that even women do cover their hair can be attractive anyway and we know the case of Abraham and Issac where their wives were very attractive and they couldn't just hide it as the bigger issue is that men should out of their own convictions not want to take a woman who is married to another man.

 Being humble has to do with your heart as much as anything and that should affect the way you present yourself not the other way around. This was what was said on Domestic Felicity which actually the article I don't 100% agree with but I felt Mrs. Anna was being honest about what she thought here and being humble about trying to please God which we all should strive to do.

This is one of the comments there.
I don't fully understand the hair covering but I respect it. If you covered or not, I would support you. I wear my hair short and uncovered wherever I am. We have different approaches to what a married woman must do but we do it whole-heartedly and out of full conviction of who we are. We are women of conviction who deserve respect.
Bless you.

In my view it defeats the purpose if you do this and think because you are married and modest you "deserve" respect. Respect has to be earned. It is up to others if they feel you deserve respect. If you want respect you have to not think you are holier then everyone else. Some that are married are arrogant and like to put down others who aren't married may be to no fault of their own and that isn't something to respect. Or aren't even married to a decent man and it is just to put on airs.

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