Monday, December 19, 2011

Video of the mourning of the mad communist dictator of North Korea.

This guy Kim Jong Ill was a monster and of course used so called "socialism" to have absolute power in being in every else's life. I read this book and I would recommend it highly. The Acquariums of Pyongyang which talks about a man's experience in a gulag for 10 years. It really is horrible what they did to people in these gulags.

This video I suspect was of course by the state media. And to get favors from the government or not got shot they have to cry loudly in the name of the "dear leader" or I guess to be eligible to not be in the gulag anymore . Just look at it. They are literally worshiping the son's picture like he is a god. Very sick and disgusting. The true God is not a man of any kind.

They sound like zombies. Thanks to Michael Savage that has this video on this site. Saying they are professional mourners of the adults.

I agree with Savage's assessment as one of the most evil people ever. He worked people to death and from what I understand (and what is to stop him as they purged any man with a conscience had sex slaves and murdered infants and forced abortions as well) Had three mistresses he had children with and giving power to this 28 year old son who has no experience.

Here is a link to this book mentioned above.

Aquariums of Pyongyang: Ten Years in the North Korean Gulag

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