Friday, December 16, 2011

Very interesting take of Judah and Tamar from a Christian source.

Need to give credit where credit is due and I found this to enlighten certain aspects of this that I didn't know.

Which is read this week as the bible portion. From a Christian source that really shed light on it. As to why Tamar seduced Judah (when Judah had one remaining son) which become the line that gave rise to David and it makes sense. Tamar's intentions here were very pure but she had to use means that were distasteful but Judah was old enough to be her father and obviously Judah didn't want to marry her.

Also most Jews likely come are ancestors of Judah and Tamar as the term Jew means from the tribe of Judah.

Very interesting. Judah's three children were from a Canaanite woman who at that time they were very immoral and this maybe why they were not fit to continue this line as the first 2 of his sons died in having relations with Tamar to continue Judah's line. Please take a look at this link above which sadly the Rabbis don't really expound on this issue because they don't even want to think about the fact that Judah  married a Canaanite which in his defense he himself from this article suggests was getting up in their age and was living and working in this area so took a wife from this area to be able to have children. Sadly though because of the immorality of this nation and that his children were half of that nation and adopted some immorality they learned from the mother they could not continue the line.

From what I understand Christians use this to trace Jesus after David as the Messiah does have to come from this line that came from David I think. Clearly this line had to be from two very morally fit people since many Jews would come from this line as would David.  I am not as focused as some others are on the Messiah as I do think the ideas of the bible are to create a more decent world and at some point most people will accept this which today most people think God is associated with being narrow minded and anti-intellectual as we do live in a world of much spiritual darkness.  Are main focus should be on how we live our life and deal with others and not that some Messsiah is going to save us all which the Messiah himself is not going to be happy with those that use this as a crutch and don't care about their day to day behavior to make people love God that they see God is about being a decent moral person.

Have a good night everyone! Need to get some sleep. More to come on this. Comments welcome!

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