Sunday, December 11, 2011

Some Oldies Country Songs I like.

I heard this on my Oldies Slotradio Card in the Country Channel of country hits, Run, woman, Run. Had to lighten up a little bit although this first song is a little sad. Second song on this post a little more lively.

This song Tammy Wynette is telling a woman not to leave her husband who clearly is a good man as at the end of the day she may not find what she thinks she will find. I find it interesting because I do think any person that wants a woman to divorce quickly (with a few exceptions) is really not looking for her interest and I find it amazing that among so called Rabbis that try to help women get divorces quickly very few women really respect these men at the end of  the day. And I think that is because long term they see what is has wrought and it is one thing to recognize there is a problem in a marriage that is reason for divorce but to just in any case push for easy divorce is not in most woman's best interest long term. I have seen it with some women as well.

Here is another song by her also is on my slotradio card worrying about turning a good woman going to go bad because of his likes. Fairly good song. At least the women understood that to run to some male lawyer or some male religious leader who want to always hurt other men is not the answer and will cause even worse problems. We are not talking here about excusing really bad behavior but I guess even then maybe some were overcompensating a little too much to letting anything go by a man which isn't so good either.


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