Monday, December 19, 2011

Ron Paul in 1988 ran on "legalizing drugs".

And just listen to how heartless this man is. He didn't have the excuse of being old and senile then. LOL.  Claiming it should be legal because of "false accusations". In any area there has to be due process and you can't just make up something without proof or evidence. But to say make it legal because of a mistake is like saying we should make murder legal because someone is falsely convicted. It is an absurd argument. This is for those under 25 who don't know better. Sadly of his supporters are people that just want to be druggies and don't care about the consequences because they are young and naive of the effect these drugs have on the brain.

Paul has a terrible record and his hatred of Israel and the Jews is his hatred of anything decent as Jews have always been the canary in the coal and are "never" the last target but the first in trying to rid a society of anything decent which I agree sometimes Jews don't behave the right way but regardless they still have that stupid bible.


fschmidt said...

This video demonstrates the general rule that the side that doesn't have logic on its side resorts to rudeness instead. Of course I agree with Ron Paul on this issue.

Analytical Adam said...

Mrs. Sliwa was a little rude and the host told her to let Mr. Paul finish. Having said that Mr. Paul shows himself to be heartless and without a soul. Legalizing drugs is going to lead to "less drugs". That makes no sense. And he focuses on a case of a false charge which no one if for false charges without evidence but like anything else because someone is wrongly accused doesn't mean we should make something legal.


Analytical Adam said...

I guess I am not suprised that you would support legalzing drugs.

So you support legalizing prostitution and legalizing drugs.

And on top of this Ron Paul has said vicious things about Israel and Jews which is no surprise to me and the connection is pretty obvious.

Someone that wants to do what they want would hate Jews because the bible doesn't let a person do what they want. Giving in to base impulses and desires does not make them go away. It makes a person more likely the next time to give in to a base desire.

It is like David Duke. A man that openly would start hitting on women at events (which upset other members as well) while talking about Christian America. He did this while married with 2 kids. Of course he hates Jews because the bible isn't for just hitting on women like David Duke was doing. It is all there in his wikipedia post.

It shocks me you would support a man who is such a vicious anti-semite but I guess real Jews that support some morality need to be rooted out so men can treat women like a piece of meet and drug up all other men so that way there will be less competition. Legalizing drugs is another way to dumb down the people for some corrupt male leader.

fschmidt said...

The laws of the Torah makes sense. The laws that you support make no sense. You fit well into America, a country that is now full of nonsensical laws. Much Rabbinic law is equally nonsensical, like the separation of meat and dairy which has no basis in the Torah. So I guess you are following in that tradition, making up all kinds of nonsensical rules, adding to the Torah as the Torah specifically says not to do. This is what Jesus opposed for good reason. Now I see the connection between liberalism and Rabbinic Judaism, both support endless nonsensical laws and oppose freedom. Karaite Judaism is the only reasonable form of Judaism.

Analytical Adam said...

I am not making up my own rules. The bible says do not make your daughter a harlot lest the land become lewd and the land become filled with depravity. Leviticus 19:29.

Only someone ruled by their own lusts present or previous would think this means that if the daughter on her own decided to be a harlot then it would be ok because a woman on her own being a harlot wouldn't cause the nation to become lewd. That just doesn't make sense unless your own desires trump common sense.