Friday, December 16, 2011

My views on Christianity in response to a post.

As this was what was written on  my blog.

As the comment wrote "I'm glad you looked at my site. Regarding Jesus and his followers, there is a big difference between Jesus's followers in his lifetime and those who came after his death and twisted what he said. Please give me a specific example of something biblical that was rejected by Jesus."

To respond to this I do think  a persons followers do shed some reflection on the individual. Either these people weren't really his followers or in some ways he did promote that certain ideas of the Jewish bible were heartless and evil and Jesus's ideas were better. Of course they take from the Jewish bible when they want to.   Not sure where his followers would somehow twist his ideas to this degree and truly be his followers. 

You hear that about some Jewish leaders as well that their followers twisted their words and many times that really isn't the case as some Rabbis think they have more compassion then God does and God is evil and harsh until they the Rabbi came along and they also just pick and chose from the bible and not try to understand why in certain situation God was fairly harsh and in some other cases it is not literal and to know this you have to know Hebrew which thankfully I know.  

As someone Jewish who is been picked on for this I have to say that my view is that Christianity and Jesus certainly brought the ideas of the Jewish bible into circulation which since the Jewish people in their own way distorted their religion that it seemed odd to most people because of the ways they distorted it this was needed for some group to bring these ideas to non-Jews as well although some of these people as well had their imperfections. 

I do think that it is wrong to worship Jesus as God and I do think it distorts God since God is one and both male and female unlike humans who God separated the full being when God took the rib out of Adam and formed Eve.  And I see that it is easier for women to worship Jesus and the reason is because Jesus was a man and it is natural for a woman to love a man and be their helpmate.  But not some religious figure to take the place of a husband.  This distorts male-female relations in a bad way. 


fschmidt said...

I don't see how Jesus can be blamed for what his (supposed) followers did after his death. The worst aspects of Christianity only came after Jesus died. Paul was certainly the worst of the bunch in the New Testament. I can't think of anything terribly wrong that Jesus or any of his followers said while Jesus was alive.

The Talmud seems to twist the Tanakh (Old Testament) as much as the New Testament does. Kabbalistic beliefs seem just as far removed from the original concept of God as is the idea that Jesus was some form of God. Personally I don't care much what people belief. If a belief that the moon is an extension of God somehow helped make people more Torah observant, then I would support this belief. What matters is what people do, not what they believe.

I disagree that Jesus takes the place of the husband for Christian women. The rabbis may say that the Jewish God is both male and female, but this is nonsense. God behaves entirely masculine in the Hebrew Bible. So there really isn't much difference between the religions on this topic.

I have personally struggling with which religion to choose for the last year. Orthodox Judaism is too rigid and won't accept my non-Jewish family without making them follow absurd rules (to convert) that have no real basis in the Torah. Reform and Conservative Judaism are a pathetic joke, they are just liberalism with some Jewish customs. Karaite Judaism seems promising but is small and shrinking and doesn't have a presence where I live. So I have finally decided to return to my local Greek Orthodox church which was the best Christian church I could find. Eastern Orthodox Christianity seems to be the closest to respecting the Torah of all the Christian denominations. They certainly have a long way to go, but they are far more open minded than modern Judaism is and I will do my best to push Torah observance inside my local Greek Orthodox church.

Analytical Adam said...

Well I am sorry to hear they won't accept your family even though if you are Jewish and from the tribe of Judah which most Jews come from which comes from the father your children are obligated to keep laws like Passover (which is why the Karaites consider the father the most important factor although it isn't the only factor) which is not obligated for those in which their ancestors were not persecuted in Egypt that God saved them from. It is so terrible that the Rabbis don't even realize that the children really do have to keep the laws of the torah unless the father decides the woman is so immmoral that they can't continue the Jewish line because the immoral mother will in most cases teach the children very immoral practices that are abhorant to God.

Anonymous said...

My background is different then yours in that I grew up in an Orthodox home although over the last 10 years I have started to question things and more so the last 3 years or so as I realize there are real problems in Rabbinic Judaism and the Rabbis have made up their own rules against what the bible says.

I myself haven't been to Synogague in almost 2 years because the hatred towards Jewish men is so extreme and I have been through a lot of not pleasant stuff myself and there is no compassion what so ever and at the drop of a hat you are bad. For many slight wrongs people never speak to you again and I have just been shocked by the obvious hate. Some are so called easy going and pleasant but sadly they are back stabbers. I doubt you could even be part of a congregation if you don't share a lot of the vicious propaganda against men and I am tired of this. This isn't Godly at all and I can't fight city hall if I am just one man. It is impossible.

Analytical Adam said...

Regarding Jesus I didn't blame Jesus. I just said that not sure he accepted everything in the five books of Moses and like many religious leaders to gain power he pandered to women that needed a man to excuse their bad behavior.

Many religious leaders feel they have the right to change it in their own image.

And I agree about the Talmud. The Talmud also wants to supersede the bible as if the Rabbis know better then God and that they have more compassion then God does and really some of the ideas are just for Rabbis to increase their own power and decrease the role of other men which God clearly did not want this as God did care about some of the frailties men have.

What I said was since his followers in some ways felt the Jewish Bible was too harsh or whatever it is hard for me to believe that Jesus didn't share these views. Some of the hate in the Christian Bible towards Jews may be the opinion of that author and not Jesus but the fact that all of them said things about the Jewish Bible that are untrue I would think that this was because Jesus did that as well. A persons followers does usually shed light on the leader. Wouldn't you agree?

Analytical Adam said...

The anonymous is me analytical adam by the way. That was weird. Never happened before in all this time blogging.

Analytical Adam said...

And lastly, I know this a 5 post response RABBIS NOR ANY OTHER TEACHER OF THE BIBLE going to a Jewish day school they don't teach that God is both male and female but you don't see God as human. As a child I didn't see God in that way as a man.

And I have to disagree that God's attributes are always manly. In fact some nouns in Hebrew are female. In God creating the word with such beauty that is associated more with female then male to give one example.

And, yes, from being on Facebook and in other avenues women seem to find it much easier to love Jesus then a man does because at the end of the day he is a man. I see that on Facebook that it is mostly women who are always loving Jesus and sadly some of them don't seem to love their husband and care for their husband and are preaching too much hate to everyone else and just have men fight endless wars as big deal if their husband or other men comes home dead. Sadly sometimes war was necessary but for some it sadly has become too much of a way of life and being holier then everyone else as we should just find endless wars with no real goal or purpose.