Thursday, December 29, 2011

Savage rightly calls Ron Paul dangerous. Supports prostitution and drugs.

As he wants to legalize both of these just like other liberatarians. I can't believe some so called religious men would support this man but you know what they think being religious gives them the right to all women of course. What sicko's.

 He is a lunatic. Of course his followers think that everyone else is.

Here are some of the crazy things he has said.
Claimed on 9./11 that it was the CIA that was doing this as one of his for employees how shocked they were to here that they working for a man that didn't believe it was Muslim terrorists attacking us.

Sympathises with Iran getting nucleare weapans even though he has said we wants to wipe out Israel and then go after Europe.

Wants to legalize Marijuana a gateway drug that has far more carcinogens then Tobaccos does and this is of course to dumb down people.

Has no issue with Iran have nuclear weapons saying they need it for "self defense". The issue is the President of Iran who denies the holocaust has promised to use it to wipe out Israel and go after other countries. No other nation has said they would use their nuclear weapons.  And that is what separates Iran from other counties that have nuclear weapons and he has no sense if he doesn't see the difference.

Has called Gaza a concentration camp and has a story of blaming everything on Israel and the Jews which is absurd. The fact is if Israel wasn't there they would go for other targets.

Sympathises with OBL Osama Bin Laden. Here is this 20 minute clip with many clips of what he has said.

It just shows that of course he hate Jews because the bible does not support prostitution and he knows that Jews whether they are relgious or not just being alive hurts that agenda.

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