Friday, December 02, 2011

Leviticus 20:18 doesn't seem to just apply to the nation of Israel

God does tell Israel that during the time of a woman's period it is wrong to have sexual intimacy at this time and both of them (unless it is forced a woman has to agree to this as well) will be cut off from their people. This is in addition to other sexual perversions. Afterwords it says (20:22-24) that because of these sins the nations before Israel were expelled because they did this and God was disgusted. So clearly this type of behavior is not just something that applies just to Jews as God sees it as a reason to punish the nations before Israel and God mentions the disgust for dong this that other nations should know better. Sadly though some Jewish religious people feel that Non-Jewish women (and the men with them) anything is ok and that is really not true.

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