Friday, December 02, 2011

Karaites and their claims of Misogyny in the Middle Ages by all other men

This is one area of the Karaites that I strongly have an issue with. At this point I get in trouble for thinking outside the box and not agreeing with any group all the time. Anyway,  they aren't specific at all about this claim of misogyny. Who was misogynistic. The Chruch? The Mosque? The People? The Rabbis?  In what were they Misogynistic about. Just make a blanket statement like this that somehow they know how to treat women and everyone else is a pig. I don't see how this is not a slanderous comment that is too broad. and very arrogant.

The funny thing is site like Ladies Against Feminism which is a Christian site (they do have a few Jewish contributors as well)  they promote a book called the church impotent the feminizing  of the church in which he claims this is traced to the middle ages this happening which women like to go to the church more then men and this started happening then. It is true in my own religion as well including "Orthodox" Judaism.

Although I will say that trying to pander to women doesn't show a lot of respect of them in that you think they are easily swayed. And some women like male leaders that tell them they have few responsibilities as the men are to blame for everything. If no women fell for this the men would never try to pander to women in this way.

And the Karaites claim can be made about the bible itself? Some consider the idea the Eve sinned first as misogyny. Some consider the issue of female impurity during mensuration to be misogyny since male impurity for emission of semen is of shorter duration. You could even say God is a misogynist since men are taller and have a deeper voice.

Which is my biggest issue with this is they make a vague claim that could be said about their own bible.

And worse, these people also had little respect for other men or for children which the Karaties picking on one group to focus on while ignoring everyone else doesn't show much respect for women in it's own right that they think most women only care about themselves and they don't care about their husband and other men and they don't care for children. All they care about is themselves.  So they themselves think little of a woman's ability to think outside of oneself which a good person would want a woman that has good character and not overly selfish.

Anyway, have a great weekend everyone!!  

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