Monday, December 05, 2011

Just passed 20,000 page views. Some thoughts on my blog.

Which is all in the last 18 months. As this blog was mostly dormant until about 18 month ago which the credit actually goes to SouthernBelle Rivky (who at first was anonymous) who commented a lot that got me to start posting more and to think about certain idea's and I think her for that. More recently fschmidt has been commenting and he has shared some certain ideas as well. Had a few hostile people as well which most have seem to gone away and a few other people who occasionally comment. Some who post on Facebook when I link this. Some it seems look but don't comment. Haven't had a comment on the blog for 8 posts although someone commented on Facebook.  

I have to give credit to the blog Domestic Felicity (that is how SouthernBelle fond me) by Mrs. Anna and the Karaite movement (that is how fschmidt found me) that these 2 people found my blog. Interesting combination. I seem to get about 80-100 page view a day (which is up from about 50 page views per day) now although to be fair I have one post that I don't know why it gets a lot of page views and may just be some picture that comes up a lot so some of the page views may not be so meaningful (as this takes up 20% of the page views lately) and I would hope at least half of them are somewhat meaningful.

Some sites have picked up some articles I have written and they seem to be good sites and not the kind of sites that I would not want to be promoted in. One on inter-religious dialogue which I think is a good thing. One Jewish site picks up some of my posts.

I am happy I have this blog as some of my past things I have written do come up sometimes and having it on this blog is a help.

Any suggestions how to improve this blog. I do this as a hobby to try to share various idea's that may be different then what people are use to hearing and hope it has some impact. At this point the numbers are fairly small. Let us be real here. But it is something. Hope to hear although sometimes people just post on Facebook.

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