Sunday, December 11, 2011

Jacob wrestling with a man which is the origin of the name Israel

This from the bible reading of Genesis 32:4-36:43.

Also this was what I wrote last year on this bible reading on the outrage of Dina being raped and the wrong behavior of Shimon and Levi that they would be cursed for by their father on his deathbed.

Anyway this part in 32: 25-33 Jacob wrestles with a man and wins and his name is renamed to the name Israel.
because he was able to defeat both divine beings and human beings.

 It is interesting as it is the only time Jacob actually fighting or in a war. This happened after he asked God to protect him from Esau and was preparing all these gifts to give to his brother and this took place beforehand at night and once day broke this man was not going to continue to fight to which Jacob got  this blessing although this being did wretch Jacob's hip (Genesis 32:26). But this is how the name Israel came into existence from this encounter.

  The other issue did Jacob win just because of physical strength or was this because this Divine being couldn't beat him because of the fact that he was a righteous man that followed in the way of God. It is just odd that at the end this being is able to wretch Jacob's hip that he ends up limping but couldn't do anything all night to Jacob.

   Jacob also did not shy away from the confrontation as if someone does go after you, you must fight back and not just be passive which Jacob wasn't. It is interesting as it is the only time Jacob actually does fight that we see. And this after working 20 years for his father in law Lavan.

  So any other ideas about this. I just realized this now that this confrontation was how the Israel came into being. And later on Genesis 35:9 God blesses Jacob with this name and that this land in the Middle East will go to his children and Grandchildren which it is amazing that after 2,000 years some of the Jewish people are back in part of this land which the DNA of the male side does trace 75-80% back to the Middle East.

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