Friday, December 23, 2011

It was nice of the company I am working for part time to invite me to their little Christmas Party.

As my own family goes away every thanksgiving and leaves me alone and my parents never visit my apartment which is lonely sometimes. I admit it. Thankfully am somewhat busy although it is been a slow month.  It is sad that my boss and most of his staff who is Greek did invite me and I met his wife and his son who I have never met before and had some chicken and some food and it was nice. Had a screwdriver too which has a good taste. Although I don't know any Greek and some conversation were in Greek but still was nice. It amazes me that some people from other cultures like me to some degree and my own culture some want little to do with me. They think because they are Jewish that gives them the right to oppress other Jews and they basically only want Jews they say what they want to hear. It is sad and I can see that many learn to mistreat Jewish men from the way they see Jews treat their own. Although I have to say just because some Jewish people are lawless in how they treat others that is one area YOU SHOULD NOT imitate them. But what can you do. It doesn't make my life easy and it is a struggle.

Posted my feelings on this blog does make me feel a little better. in that who knows maybe I will look back at this in a few months and hopefully I am wrong about this. I try to do the right thing and it is a struggle as many want to do the wrong thing if it benefits themselves although it hurts others. Have a good Shabbos and a good weekend and Merry Christmas to those who celebrate here in the United States and I hope it leads to at least looking at the Jewish bible.

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