Friday, December 02, 2011

Here is another reason why MOST Ron Paul supporters hate Jews.

Just listen to this guy. He is full of it. The bible given to Moses (and even before Moses God spoke to Adam and Noah) and  has influenced the whole world including Christianity. Yet this guy makes everything into some Jewish conspiracy. And Claims Rupurt Murdoch is Jewish which is a lie. The fact is in the USA many evangelist do feel Israel should be supported as it fulfills biblical prophecy and good for them and that is why Republicans court Israel. It has nothing to do with Jews as most Jews for good or for bad vote Democrat. One of the biggest supporters of Israel and supporting Israel  is James Inhofe of Oklahoma. There are very few Jews in Oklahoma. It has nothing to do with Jews at all.

This guy is disgusting. He claims Judaism is bad because there was a bad odor when he was in a synagogue. I can't stand those who take idea's from the Jewish bible and then spit on Jews. I think it is very immoral.

Just look at the comments as well. Vicious hatred of Jews that sadly still exist. Nobody takes Ron Paul seriously because his followers spam polls.

Also of course Ron Paul is a vicious racist and KKK leaders which many people don't want to associate themselves with and good for them.


fschmidt said...

The guy in the video is an idiot and I am sure that some Ron Paul supporters are racist, but Ron Paul himself isn't a racist. I like Ron Paul and I see nothing wrong with him.

Analytical Adam said...

I have to disagree about Ron Paul.

Ron Paul always says well it is none of my our business what goes on in the middle east and let Israel take care of itself. Well then why is it his business to attack Israel when he feels they aren't acting properly.

So when Israel acts wrong it is our business but otherwise it is none of our business. Common on. Clearly, for whatever reason Ron Paul does not like Israel and I think it is because he is a very shady man and hates what the Jewish bible says.

He also has received support from KKK people. And didn't return the money.

They aren't real religious people either.

I remember looking up David Duke on wikipedia. David Duke was a known womanizer when he had a wife and 2 children to support That is why they hate the Jews because they hate the Jewish bible and want to do what they want.

In fact at a job I was recently at an African American Ron Paul supporter wanted more women then his wife even though he would say he couldn't afford a second child. Really disgusting behavior.

fschmidt said...

I don't think it is fair to judge a politician by his supporters. A politician has to accept support and money wherever he can find it. As long as he doesn't change his position in return, it's okay.

I don't remember Ron Paul ever attacking Israel. Ron Paul doesn't want America interfering all over the world and this seems reasonable to me.

Analytical Adam said...

Ron Paul has never said anything nice about Israel yet is quick to criticize them.

Certain things SHOULD concern us. The little guy from Iran who claims that the holocaust never happened and Israel should be wiped out don't you think that is troubling. And yet Paul says we will not help Israel with Iran.

Look, I think Israel should not go around asking everyone else to help them and not try to things on their own (as every nation has its own agenda) but regardless of that this guy on Iran is not just a threat to Israel. And again why does Paul then criticize Israel if it is none of his business and say Gaza is a concentration camp. That doesn't suggest he really is about not getting involved.

Also you do know he votes no on bills that he sticks pork in the bill for his district since he knows it will likely pass despite his no. That isn't very principled if you ask me.

fschmidt said...

Maybe you could link to an anti-Israel statement by Ron Paul so I can see what you mean.

The job of the American government is to concern itself with American interests, not the interests of other countries. Iran is not a practical threat to America, so Iran shouldn't be America's concern.

In practice, America has done more harm than help regarding Iran. The current regime there is a reaction to an oppressive government that was put in place by Americans.

Analytical Adam said...

OK. Here Paul is saying that Israel is starving Palestinians in Gaza and that it is a concentration camp when talking to Don Imus.

Paul Gaza a concentration camp

fschmidt said...

It looks like Ron Paul is badly misinformed on Gaza. That's bad, but I'm not sure how much it matters if his foreign policy would be non-intervention anyway. I have to admit that I don't follow politics very closely since I think America's problems are primarily cultural.

I think that for America to attack Iran would be crazy and would cause a permanent state of war between Islam and America. My view of the Republican candidates is well expressed by Fred.

Analytical Adam said...

Well Mr. Schmidt. Ron Paul is 76 years old and has been in congress for a long time and to have such beliefs should suggest that he has some serious biases against Israel.

I have to disagree about Achmadinijad of Iran. Getting rid of him would be a good thing and I don't think other arab countries support him or even Iranians support him at this point. Doesn't his hatred of Jews that is so open and naked bother you and not make you think the guy is unstable.

And yes we have many cultural problems (like the breakdown of marriage and low birth rates) that are gong to cause serious problems going forward but does that mean we ignore a dangerous man like Achmadinijad.

Only people that hate Jews seem to think that we should ignore this because they in their hatred of Jews ignore the fact that his unstable comments make his a threat to everyone including his neighbors.