Monday, December 26, 2011

Haven't heard from any of my relatives in Israel in wanting to visit Israel.

UPDATE: (I did here from one of my relatives of the 4 I sent an email to. (Actually 5 as I sent went to a wife on Facebook first and then find the husbands email on a family tree program.) (This is good and the others may have been aware of it as well and didn't email me back although would be nice to hear from my Great Uncle who is 94 and has emailed me back a few times but recently hasn't which he is 94 so could be a good reason)

Here I am a man with two Jewish parents who doesn't always agree with the Rabbis but respects very much the Jewish bible and the Jewish people and for the last 15 years have defended Israel once understanding the situation there.  Tried to keep Shabbos and Kosher too (although religious people are not interested in hiring Jewish men) and at this point I need to work 6 days sometimes and can't rely on my parents to not work 2 days a week when I have work.

 I have paid a high price for thinking independently. I have emailed a number of them and haven't heard from any of them in five days. Maybe there is a reason (haven't look at their emails)  I don't know but it is bothersome. I am going to try one other relative as I found his information on the family tree (his wife is on Facebook who I contacted)  but it still is upsetting to be treated like this. I am sort of use to it already.
I don't agree with those pushing feminism for the most part (and when where I agree it is not because of feminism) and I guess that is a terrible crime. Never mind that I am concerned about women who are just being used and are in vulnerable life situation. I understand that doesn't matter to middle and upper class women.

n 2 of the 4 cases there wasn't even a man I can contact because the wife is more publicly out there then the man is and I find this very troubling.

It is my biggest issue with organized religion in them always wanting men who should just give up any sort of public role and reward men who are cowards. At best who don't know any better. Or who buy the brainwashing that they should give women this role to promote "equality". I guess I at one point was there until I saw that some of these women in this kind of situation were doing really bad stuff and also hurting younger girls for their own agendas. It woke me up that it is not the way God intended it and all the good men in the bible from Abaraham, to Issac, to Jacab, to Moses took on  a public role.

Yet I see that much of organized religion wants at best men who just work all day but can't speak to other men and have no public role really other then working as a slave for their wife and their wife taking on the more public role. Many times the wife's public role is to tell people to listen  to the male Rabbi which really is twisted. to be honest as she uses her free time to promote doing what the male Rabbi says.

It exists in much of organized religion and it is sadly is even what binds these women together of different religions. At the end what binds them together is being the helpmate of some male religious leader. And the male religious leader let them have a good time for doing this. It really though is not helping the world understand God though. That is the problem.

And many men fall through the cracks since men who don't agree with all the dogma of any religion for that matter because they hold to God to at least the standard they would hold in other areas have no where to go. The men are unable to be reached in any way and the women really can't deal with the men and to be fair in some cases they shouldn't be but if the man can't let out their frustrations out to another man they don't have a choice. And in this regard it is bad as some of the women then complain that men don't respect women blah, blah, blah but in reality what are the men suppose to do when most men just aren't there at all to help or give a listening ear to another man.

The reason for this is because the male religious in my opinion (and they hide behind feminism which this is always been among other bad reasons of what it is about) recognize if men do have any public role and reach out to other men they will not see the male religious leaders in such a good light. So they have no choice but to undermine them and claim that the bible views men very badly. But that is simply not true.

And I see the kind of vile discrimination to men that start to question Rabbis in any way. Rather then discuss it you are just left to hang in the wind.

It makes Jews look very bad as well however when you let men hang in the wind like this. I have to say that some people who don't like Jews likely look  at me and think that Jews are cursed and bad people since they just abandon their own men for nothing other then 100% political reasons. Not that they did another wrong that they deserve this.

So here I am that my relatives have not as of yet responded. So if I got to Israel I have no where to stay and would have to pay for a hotel or something. You would think being that I am Jewish and I would like to come they would email me but at this point no. At this point I may have to cancel at least for now because I get busy in about a month and try again after April 15th.

Certainly behavior like this does not help Jews and religion being so much about "group think" and that includes Israel and so called religious Jews and anyone outside your group who has any issue you discriminate against for not worshiping your male Rabbis is just terrible and give God a bad name.

I guess some that want to turn Israel into a Christian country I am sure are happy to hear this that me as someone with two Jewish parents have relatives that don't want to respond to me considering visiting for a week. After all Judaism is too harsh of a religion.


Sabine McGettigan said...

I hope you will maintain your optimism. If I got an email from a relative who wanted to visit, I would have to consider his needs carefully and I would be trying to clear my calendar for his visit. I would not want to commit to hosting a relative unless I could make sure I had ample resources to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable visit.

Also not everyone reads email every day, so just be patient. I know you will hear from them soon, and that they will be thrilled to have you.

Analytical Adam said...

Thanks for commenting. I have one-cousin who is a Red Head. Not on my side of the family though but there aren't a high percent but there are some Jewish people with blond or red hair.

I did hear from one relative today which makes me feel better. I know what you mean. Although my relatives know some things about me that I don't think they agree with but I would hope that despite that they would see me as a relative that is sincere.

Sadly the Jewish religion sometimes engages in group think like other religions where really religion is just about being part of a club and you're not nice to anyone that doesn't want to be part of it. At this point in my own religion of Judaism I don't agree with all the dogma I was raised with and some may not like me because of that especially if they use religion just as a social network and their dogma creates problems that require you to blame people on the outside rather then honestly look at your own ideas.

But in general as a guy in many families the men do not take any active role and it is false manhood and makes it harder for me. They want to live in secretive life that only is about work and nothing else. A man is suppose to take a public role and not make his wife do this for him.

Analytical Adam said...

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