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Feel need to criticize the post Domestic Felicity

New Update: I have decided to update this again sine it has so many hits and I feel a little overly harsh in some ways as I wrote this over a year ago. I don't agree with her in some ways but at the time she is a woman in her 20's and just following the crowd in some ways that aren't so good which should be pointed out in a decent way. On my own side as life goes on I continue to grow and change in some ways through various life experiences. She also on one of her comments didn't really like the fact I was on her blog asking what this guy wants from me and it does and still bothers me that she seemed at the time to like Christian women more then men from her husbands people.

Update: These are two additional posts on this blog which sadly I feel she doesn't walk the walk.

In this post.
Mrs. Anna feels her husband wants to be private and is fine with that even though that means it makes it harder for men and that men should want to take some type of public here. Read the link but she should want her husband to fulfill her role and not be his helpmate in a way that she is pushing him not to do what God wants

 In this post. Mrs. Anna is just repeating the talking points of the male Rabbis on Maternal LIneage which as someone in the trenches I have to say that this position is dangerous in many ways in addition to not being biblical in any way and doesn't make us look good in the eyes of other nations as well. Sadly she puts her own position before looking at the bigger picture and I hope time will humble her that this position has serious issues 

End of Update. Now back to the original post.

Not thrilled she seems to value male Rabbis but not other men and in addition she only wants to hear what other women have to say and especially herself growing up in fatherless home this leaves her with some idea of what men think in general... Also talks more about the male Rabbis positions then her husband which he should want to understand her husbands position and not want him just sell his brain and soul to the Rabbi as whatever the Rabbi think is what I think despite my own experiences working to support a wife and seeing what I see in that sphere that a male Rabbi just working with other male Rabbis and having a bully pulpit does not see. . Shg-ourselves-and-others.html 

Wish she would share more about her husband . She can't be happy really being more the helpmate of the Rabbi then her husband as the Rabbi views her children as another man's child and not always an ally if the husband doesn't agree with the male Rabbi

She had this to say.Mrs. Anna wrote> For the moment,  however, I will focus on three things that are important to me in order to get through a day successfully: food, sleep and last but not least, re-uniting with our Almighty Father for even a brief time. <

This does sound to me as if Mrs. Anna since her father wasn't Jewish and her mother influenced by this more of the way Christians talk calling God the father which I don't like this way of referring to God because you have a real father. Especially with her own mixed feelings of her own father God may not even take this as a compliment and certainly we aren't suppose to have God replace our real father. 

Lastly, really have never felt that women shouldn't work at all. Some women seem to think if they don't work at all they are better then the next women and the bible has always recognized women have value in the supply and demand if you read Leviticus 27. Gong back Adam and Eve, Eve worked with Adam in the land.  And usually when men couldn't own what they produce that caused the women to be lazy if they kept most of what they produced the women with the children wanted to help the father in what they were good at. In todays time with many large corporation and it tough for small business women do have to work for someone else just as the husband does. Small business of course helps work at least that a husband and wife can do together. Anyway, all I have to say on this matter. 

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