Monday, December 26, 2011

Don't agree with Michael Savage on evolution

It doesn't fit the Adam and Eve story and it also many scientists have found that the claims made by evolutionists are false and involve fake diagrams that have been proved to be false and made up. .

As they were playing a rerun today with him taking this position. Don't agree!!

One argument is that it was a literal 7 days the way it is today. Some Rabbis claim that position. The biggest argument AGAINST EVOLUTION from a biblical perspective is the story of Adam and Eve. If we evolved then this story was just made up that God took the rib of Adam and gave it to Eve. That does not fit evolution. In fact Savage himself has said this story is a fairy tale so in his own mind he knows the two are not compatible.

However, I was never brainwashed to believe evolution (many scientists have and some have become upset when they realized that this couldn't be true) since I am not a scientist but as an accountant and know much about numbers and statistics and how you can manipulate facts and/or figures to your own liking. I read a lot to not having anything to do with my profession.

Have read the scientists who do NOT BELIEVE IN EVOLUTION. And many of the issues have nothing to do with God or religion. They found that much of evolution was being made up as they do along. They found that eyes of different animals were not part of an evolutionary process. They found natural selection only works in a limited sense but does not create a "new species' and sometimes is only temporary as well. Many parts of the body are complex that if one part was missing it wouldn't work at all so that part of the body couldn't have evolved. They found embryos of different animals were not similar in early stages as the evolution scientist claim.

So almost all the evidence DOES NOT support evolution and that we became man from a gorilla. And a gorilla was once a different animal. The evidence doesn't show this. God created animals for various purposes but not in some sort of chain which if true why are they still here. If men was once an ape and we evolved into humans apes should no longer exist.  It is sad that Savage in this area still believes this and they play the reruns with him taking this position as they did today.

Some Rabbis disagree as well. As Rabbi Moses Tendler who also is a Doctor and a biologist does not believe in evolution.

I would recommend the book. The Politically Incorrect Guide to Darwinism and Evolution. It is very thorough of all the problems from a scientific point of view and it really has nothing to do with religion here as all they are saying is that humans couldn't have evolved from an Amoeba. It just doesn't add up. It is like a computer evolved from dust over a period of time. And even newer models of computers didn't evolve. They changed something in the never models. Anyway. That is what I have to say. His idea only the fittest deserve to survive is an evil type of idea.

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