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DNA research Ashkenazic Jews are Jewish on the fathers DNA not the mothers.

Hat tip: Romeo Martell

Very Interesting. A couple of interesting points here. Espcially listen from the 12 minute to the 14 minute mark. It shows God's rules mean more then the Rabbis rules.

#1) The Jewish population in Europe was very small to the 16th Century numbering only 25,000.

#2) The Kzar theory doesn't pass the DNA test. At best they represent 5% of DNA of Levites which is interesting they wanted to be in the Priesthood but you can't buy that so they became Levites instead when converted. Also as someone who went to Synagogue as a child and teenager and they call up in the reading of the bible one Levite, they are the smallest of the three groups of Jews today which is A) Cohen B) Levite or C) Yisraol which is everyone who isn't a Cohen or Levite and had no of the special responsibilities of the temple

#3) DNA is passed from father to son and mother to daughter. What they found was that among European Jewry the fathers DNA did trace back to the middle east but the mothers DNA did not and traced back to Europe. The reason is that in Europe Jewish men did marry local women and even though the women weren't Jewish and may have not converted their children did become part of the Jewish culture and religion.

This means according to the Rabbis (who their idea of Maternal Lineage openly contradicts the Five Books of Moses which is the basis of what is a true Jew) most Jews from Europe are not really Jewish according to the Rabbis although they would be according to the five books of Moses. It shows how God doesn't even take the Rabbis seriously

#4) This would explain why Jews who migrated to Europe have various physical features including very light skin. My best friend growing up had blond hair and blue Jews and was Jewish and my Uncle married a Jewish woman who had red hair and freckles. This may be due to men who married local European women.

#5) Also this suggest that at some points in history actually Christians were harsher towards Jews then Muslims since Europe had such a small Jewish population all the way up to the 16th century.

Lastly, were the Jewish men wrong for marrying local woman instead of marrying from their own. I guess it depends.You wonder if the Rabbis then persecuted Jewish men as much as any outsider would or from another religion.

The fact that some of them survived and today are considered Jews (even by the Rabbis who don't even know this so shhh! don't tell anyone as according to the Rabbis who make up their own rules most Europeon Jews are not Jews because their DNA only matches from the father) would suggest at least some of them God did protect that they would end up with having decedents until today.

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