Sunday, December 25, 2011

Demographic Winter.

    This issue as other issues really make you wonder about the world today and what is going to happen. Two countries with serious financial problems Greece and Italy one of the issues is very low birth rates 1.3 and 1.1 Not enough young people to take care of older people. Just looking at the numbers it is an issue that may would like to ignore.

   Islamic countries as well have low birth rates like Iran. Population and their culture shrinking without a shot being fired. Here in the US as well. When lawyers attack OBGYN's on frivolous lawsuits that have hurt women's care while pregnant and some women are more interested in the fact that lawyers help them to sue other men more then this issue and the lawyers use the same power to go after OBGYN's that don't have the resources the lawyers have. Being "equal" even though if you really want to go there you should sue God not go after some mid level man is more important then something that actually is something a woman can do that a man can't and that is give birth and carry a child. If we want true equality women can't give birth either because that shows that we are "unequal"

It also is bad for the economy as without young people you have a shrinking economy as labor is the most important variable for an economy. And the overpopulation theory is sadly a myth as more people also lead to having more labor to create food and create other products. It works both ways. And in the USA with a population density of 75 per square mile we aren't over populated. Only a few cities.

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