Sunday, December 11, 2011

Country Songs I like (Part 2)

Songs by Loretta Lynn. "They don't make them like my Dad Anymore". "Coal Miners Daughter".

Sad today that almost no songs of a woman loving her father. The man in her case who struggled to provide for her family. Also a song on being a coal miners daughter. You don't have songs like this today. She did have a tough life as she had to get married very young. She did have a song about the pill that was banned from radio which you will find on you tube.

What are you going to do her husband didn't want to abstain I guess when they really didn't want more kids (she did have four kids)  and I guess she wanted to focus on her career. The pill I don't think is good for the man either as it evades responsibility on his part as well. I admit as an unmarried man it is easy for me to talk. I understand that. 

Although the pill from what I understand effects ovulation which also lowers testosterone levels in women which is much lower then men obviously but is highest when ovulating. This has shown up in studies of women who do resistant training as the effect is less when on the pill. So ironically the pill does make a woman somewhat weaker as they do need some of the male hormone and this also lowers their sex drive as well (which is related to the amount of the less dominant testosterone in their body) which I guess you can't fool with nature. Resist training and healthy muscle mass helps to preserve muscle and not have bone issues as you get older as well.

Anyway, they weren't perfect people but in some ways she had issues as a man growing up in suburbia didn't have. I had other issues but not these. Anyway, enough of me and my talk here. Here are the two videos.

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