Saturday, December 03, 2011

Any ideas on my job search. Back to square one after tax season.

I will have work during tax season. However by the end of April I will be back to at best working part time which at this point in my life I need more then this.

 This year I ended up working from the Middle of June to the Middle of November full time and a little more then that. Will that happen next year. Who knows?

I am a CPA and they say it is good to get some other designation I also have pretty strong computer skills, Excel, and QuickBooks and like to listen to financial planning programs.

As anyone who reads this blog can see I am not always politically correct and also am Jewish which both combined make me an easy scapegoat when a job becomes at a certain point more political then about doing a good job. Although at the end of the day if you just have a job for political reasons despite what you think things happen anyway and you end up with a lesser skill set.

So I am looking for other niches besides taxes and general accounting for smaller businesses which is what I have done to this point.

At this point I would even look to other opportunities as a job is a job. Accounting services are needed but for small businesses you can't charge too much from what I have seen and some companies do it on their own and have an accountant check it for them.

So I would love to hear suggestions. Thank you. Either here or on Facebook .

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