Sunday, December 11, 2011

14 year old bullied because she was Jewish by Christians.

This is a really disturbing story.

In this case this was done by Christians. Although I will say not all Christians behave this way but these are really bad and religion is some cases does create this kind of hate. This sounds to me like this group think mentality again. To tell someone you are gong to hell because you don't believe in Jesus. And to have another mother of one of these girls to put up a facebook page. And to have boys do some of the things they did to her. Outrageous. The school did very little and the parents are suing the school. Here is their link that the mother has on their daughter.

I do feel for the 14 year old girl being bullied. I had a situation in a job (although I didn't reach this level but also I am not a child)  

I was at a job for 4 and a half month where some people clearly had contempt for me as a person because I was Jewish more then any positive belief they had sadly in their own religion. There were very few Jewish people at this job other then a woman 1/4 Jewish who used this to undermine Jewish beliefs which the biggest hater hid behind her who was African American   which she shared of course this hatred of Jewish men which this woman had as her father and Grandfather were not Jewish.  The big hater who hid behind this woman liked Ron Paul who claims it is "none of our business to meddle in another nation" but does say something when Israel does something to its enemies. Then it is his business.  Many Jew haters support Ron Paul.  So I know it is based on hate of Jews and this guy wanted more sexual partners even though he was married and said he couldn't afford another child. I know beneath the hate that is what it is about. Wanting woman for your own sexual pleasures without any responsibility which the bible doesn't approve of which is why they hate Jews so much because they want to be able to do what they want to women to satisfy their lusts.

 I don't agree that it seems the mother wants to turn this girl into some symbol of being bullied which I DON'T AGREE WITH. As bad as this is I don't understand what the thinking is here for a Jewish girl to go around as the symbol for being bullied. I don't blame the 14 year old girl. That part I blame the parents and don't know where the father is in all this.

 I don't think the 14 year old Jewish girl should do this and be a symbol of "bulllying" because this actually gives the image of Jews being weak and helpless and this will only lead people to have a sense to bully Jews so they continue to think of themselves that way.

 Nobody gets sympathy for playing this game of being a symbol of being a victim. Certainly not Jewish people because you are then admitting that you are completely at the mercy of others. That doesn't make this right and the parents and the so called religious group who are allowing their children to do this will be punished by God for this. God does say he will bless those who bless the descendants of Abraham and curse those who curse them . To pick on a girl like this is just terrible. Even if they have legitimate grievances you against Jews as some Jews have done bad things but you don't take this out on a 14 year old girl. It is so cowardly.

What is the solution to this problem? I do not think more laws will solve it because a person that thinks differently corrupt people will take advantage and no law can change this. The issue is more how children are raised. I wonder this girl whose mother devoted a facebook page to attack this 14 year old Jewish girl what kind of husband she has if she has one. Undermining fathers and men creates a society of more group think  with the few men in position of authority pushing THEIR IDEAS on everyone else since they don't have to worry about other male influences since they undermine other men.

The breakdown of the family unit and rewarding the party who "initiates divorces" teaches children to hit first (whether physical or emotional)  and ask questions later. It is sad that being a good person is seen as weakness  in some areas of society today. But more laws is not going to solve the problem as you can't legislate to solve problems like this. Anyone with a belief that is different could then sue and that would create a situation that in the end would lead to more uniformity and not less.

The only way to solve this problem is family life at home and to protect those who are good parents and not reward bad parents which in our society the bad parents are rewarded and sadly being good is seen as weakness. Also Jews should set a good example of what family life is which would prevent bullying like this in the first place as Jewish people are suppose to lead and not just expect everyone else to give to them although decent people do try to help Jewish people just as they would anyone else.

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