Sunday, November 13, 2011

The types of family that stay in organized religion.

From what I have seen sadly these are the types that are very involved in organized religion and not just on the sidelines from what I have seen. 3 basic types.

A. A family with all male children
B. A family with all female children
C. A family that has both male and female children but the woman are all older then the men.

In my family most fit either A or C. And they follow organized religion and Rabbinic Judaism without any questions.

As to why this is so sadly Rabbinic Judaism (and Karatie Judaism as well sadly) have to undermine other men who aren't part of the clique on top and have to be harsh to men so they are afraid to ask any real questions. They claim various "holy" reasons that they are harsh to men but it is all double talk in my view as their is no reason to be overly harsh to anyone unless they themselves are heartless to others.

Case A works because a family of all male children the boys never grew up with a sister so they can easily believe propaganda about women. Also they feel guilty that they had no female children so to show they are not "sexist" they will pick on other men.

Case B works because no brothers to be an influence on the girls.

Case C of course is the saddest but this again is an issue that the men on top actually want to be the one who advice and take care of all the women and a brother doing this is competition although sadly I would think a brother at the end of the day would have more of an incentive to tell the women what she really needs to hear rather then misleading her which some male leader may not want a woman to get married to men that don't agree with him and if this means she stays single so be it.

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