Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thought this was interesting on Karaites and family

MY COMMENTS ON THIS ARTICLE:ANYWAY from the article my only question is what about men who release sperm at night. They are impure for a day and therefore have to be seperated as well.

And what about women after they give birth I assume they can be with the child even though they are impure and the child has this impurity as well which can easily be removed after the period ends by washing their clothes as well. In fact it may give them this special bonding with the child although obviously a boy has to be circumcised at 8 days. Here is the article

 Unit. The Karaite family is basically patriarchal. Among the very religious, menstruating women must sleep and sit in separate spaces from men and are prohibited from entering the kitchen and engaging in food preparation for a seven-day period. These practices highlight the centrality of men in ritual roles because the practices are intended to help guard men from impurity so that they may participate in synagogue services. In Egypt, where Karaites often lived in extended families, postmenopausal women would commonly assume all household chores while younger women were menstruating; in Israel, where the nuclear family is more the norm, men and boys sometimes assume these domestic duties.

Despite the fact that the women's movements are restricted in certain areas, unlike the Rabbinites, Karaite men do not recite prayers thanking God that they were not born women. Karaite women are also allowed relative freedom of dress and may dispose of property without their husbands' permission.

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As to why the impurity it is likely from what I read to remind women of not wasting their child bearing years and for men not to think physical attraction to women is just for pleasure without any responsibility. Does anyone actually do this in Israel? Does anyone know.

Also while Karaites do want their women dress in an appropriate manner I would think from reading this unlike the Rabbis they let people use their sense in this and not micromanage it themselves.
And for helping men not waste their sperm I would think think they wouldn't want women to just play games with men in flirting with them to arouse them when they aren't interested in arousing men so they will have relations and bring new life into the world.


MJ Doerschuk said...

I guess first of all, if you were in my kahal, I would suggest that you stop "looking for a woman" and that you seek YHVH and strive to live wihtin Torah. The light of Torah will begin to shine through all you set your hand to and perhaps a woman who seeks to please YHVH will be attracted to the light of Torah in you. With regards to mikreh lailah, I believe you will find this will resolve itself when you choose derech HaShem first rather thatn the pursuit of your own fleshly lusts and desires. Hope this may be of some assistance. Baruch HaShem.

Analytical Adam said...

I really don't find your advice helpful for a number of reasons.

Firstly, all the Patriarchs and Moses did LOOK for a woman. They didn't expect it to come out of thin air.

Second of all if a woman does like me the issue of being able to support them may come up in their own mind which I have an OK but not a great living (it is a tough economic environment) and pregnancy is expensive and you want the best care. I did work for one place for 4 and a half years but the last 2 years I have had a lot of part time work and contract work and some worry about this although I don't see my wife working as well as an issue although after I brought this up which is an ideal which is very hard in today's society (although we should try our best and recognize the point of these rules which I think is sexuality has to be used properly) and was I think talking about that when in the temple you had to be clean and sadly we don't have a temple today. although there will be 3rd temple.

I also don't appreciate you telling me that I am just pursuing my own lusts. Sexuality is part of life and I do feel it should be used properly and I am affected by women who don't use it properly or sometimes are just a tease who have some good points but aren't really interested as I can't walk around with a mask on my head and not be social but still I understand it is normal for a man to feel there is something missing when not married and not having a woman and wanting some kind of family I don't feel ashamed about it or feel I am just a lustful person.

Analytical Adam said...

Many of these equality laws which have really just lowered salaries for men which I guess creates more equality by pushing men to a lower level make it that women do end up having to work for others and that being the case there is no way you can follow these laws as they aren't going to get days off because they are menstruating and/or work in a different capacity.

Analytical Adam said...

After this post I don't think any women are going to be interested in me. :(

Although I will say women (from a number of experiences I have had) do seem to like the fact that I see sexuality in a higher way and that there is responsibility when having intimacy which I think there is as it is NOT just about your own pleasure and if it is you start looking at the other gender as nothing but a sex object which I don't think is good.

This is one of the reasons no matter how much Jews try to pretend otherwise and be liberal that feminists will always have a tremendous dislike for the Jewish people because of that stupid bible. It is too radical and anti-woman to make a woman impure every month for a whole week which the only way to avoid is if you are pregnant or nursing I think.

Analytical Adam said...

Or I guess they would have to have a separate area in the workplace for women that are menstruating. The feminist would love that!!