Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Someone answer me on Facebook on men and impurity.

Someone did answer me on Facebook and was pretty rude in telling me that God would not make an impure for a man to have an emission of semen at night which is beyond his control. I responded that well a woman having her period is not within her control either so that seems like a strange argument. But I did look it up in Leviticus 15:16 and the impurity is for a day but only that which has a semen stain on it and nothing else. So I guess it does not make everything else impure except your clothes and possibly your bed which in it's own way is creating an impurity. And to be fair it isn't 100% random in that certainly if a man is aroused during the day by a woman flirting with him he is more likely to have an emission at night then if that didn't happen.

Obviously this are ideal that in today's society would be difficult to meet and there is no temple today and maybe this is one of the reasons why there is no temple in Israel as there is much impurity and behavior that create more of this impurity and we have given over part of the temple to the Muslims in Israel.

 With this kind of impurity we would not be fit to set into the temple anyway with God listening to us and protecting us as God did create the strong power of sexuality but it has to be used properly  which God created this for people to create a new generation and new life into the world and when used in that context it is a very holy act and when seen in this light it also gives a person on sense of responsibility that intimacy has some responsibilities attached to it as well. This spoken from a man who is not married but hopes that I will meet a Godly women to marry who will be my helpmate.

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