Saturday, November 19, 2011

Reb Sholomo on the 10 commandments. Censors my comments that don't agree. .

The Karaite Reb Shlomo has this video which he censures my comments. "The 10 commandments are NOT moral"

While I am happy that there is some group that has good reason to disagree with Rabbinic Judaism their leadership is lousy and they do have their own baggage from what I can see and their claim that they are the oldest form of Judaism don't think that is exactly true although I would love to be proving wrong.

Anyway in this video Reb Shlomo claim the 10 commandments are NOT about morality and not a moral code as the object of Judaism is to submit to God. Which he is partly right but I think this is the impact of other religions on Karaite Judaism sadly.

It is TRUE that we are suppose to at the end of the day follow God over our man made ideas. However, from what I can see this is suppose to be done because we believe God is moral and just and therefore to be moral and just we have to follow God's example because we with our limited mind can't at the end of the day know how to be moral and just.

What is the most important character trait to achieve this. And the answer is humility. That is what Moses had. In his humility he understood that he could not be truly moral and just without God giving us some direction although God did give us much to figure out on our own.

For anyone as Reb Shlomo says that these laws are not about morality who is he to say this. God's laws are about life and God in the bible many times says this that his ways are ways of pleasantness and life. To say otherwise is being dishonest. And if Reb Shlomo is submitting and doesn't know for sure then who is he to say they are NOT MORAL. He could say he doesn't know if they are moral or not but he has to submit to God but doesn't know. The fact that he makes a claim without any evidence shows he clearly isn't even walking the walk which the reason is Reb Shlomo's lack of humility in my opinion.

And he censors my comments asking him who is he to claim the 10 commandments are not moral. Which to censor an honest criticism of a fellow human being. That doesn't seem someone who is clearly submitting to God.


fschmidt said...

Adam, I agree with your opinion of the 10 commandments. Reb Sholomo sounds like he would better fit in Islam than in Judaism. But he is clearly not a Karaite leader. Karaite Judaism is more flexible than Rabbinic Judaism which is both a plus and minus. The plus is that one doesn't have to follow those Rabbinic laws that have no basis in the Torah. The minus is that any lunatic can call himself Karaite and there is nothing to prevent this because Karaite Judaism allows for personal interpretation of Torah. On the balance, I think the pluses outweigh the minuses. Also, having visited the Karaite synagogue in Daly City, I found the people there, who represent mainstream Karaism, to be very reasonable and well balanced.

Analytical Adam said...

That is good to know because sad to say I think some may think I am crazy because I don't love the male Rabbis which I admit I don't and I must be somebody really bad for that reason. There have been some really sick people who seem to think they are preachers or what have you although what they do is against everything that is said in the five books of Moses.

Having said that many of the Karaite leaders have serious issues as well at least the ones that I have seen on you tube and elsewhere.

The problem as I see it is like Rabbis they have never been in the trenches and many lack humility and this being the case of course they will distort the bible which they do.

However, in some regards Karaites also promotes feminism. They claim the church in the middle ages was very misogynistic (which to focus on putting down another religion shows weakness on your own positions) . May be it's true. However what about what they thought about men which many religious leaders have disgusting views about men as well.

What about the fact that many men died in unnecessary wars. Religious leaders can be very harsh in general. To only care when it is women that is wrong and to ignore the fact that men throughout the ages have been used as pawns for various agenda's is just not right.

fschmidt said...

Where is the Karaite claim that the church in the middle ages was very misogynistic?

Analytical Adam said...

This link. Click Here

Actually a lot of I agree with in terms of witnesses and learning about God. In terms of leadership roles it was very much the exception not the role the major one being Deborah. Miriam did not serve the same role of Aaron and Moses. Clearly God did assume men were being suited for leadership roles. A more balanced approach would be to point out the major contribution of Sarah, and Rebecca which they were able to better understand their children then men were and God gave them more knowledge in this area yet this they don't mention.

From the article "Women have always been able to hold leadership roles. This was true even in the Middle Ages, the HEIGHT of MISOGANY. In the 11th century, in Spain, after the Rabbanites killed the Karaite leader Sidi ibn al-Taras, his wife, al-Mu‘alima (which means the teacher), took over for him as the leading Hakham of the Karaites in Spain. Some would disagree with this assertion. In fact the ladies against feminism sight claims this was when the Church became very feminized although in some respects that is misogyny in that they played to woman's base emotions as many women like having a lot of leniency towards themselves even when not really noted. But regardless the Karaites seem to be aware that many men are mistreated and have difficult lives and are put down by the male leaders as well.

Analytical Adam said...

Correcting a few typos the Karaites seem "unaware" Not noted but "needed". Sorry about the typo's.

fschmidt said...

This page that you linked to is terrible. But for contrast, here is a Karaite page about divorce. As I said, Karaite Judaism allows a variety of interpretation and it seems that the Orah Saddiqim group has a particularly bad interpretation. But they also seem to be a tiny group without even a synagogue, so I wouldn't take them very seriously.

Analytical Adam said...

Well the person you just mentioned has his own problems. I wrote about this on a different occasion.

He is for training women to be leaders in the next generation but not his and that always strikes me as phony and about wanting to hang on to your own power because women are less of a threat to take your job or to disagree with you.

Even reading it I think he lacks the proper perspective of family life. The Jewish Bible considered the family the most important unit and many of the laws were to protect the family unit. That being the case if a woman is gong to be a harlot usually it would be a father and some family member teaching her this which is why the bible says not to turn your daughter into a harlot. For him to think OTHERS are teaching to be a harlot shows to me he doesn't think much of fathers and their rights and he would not respect these rights. We live in a society where fathers and mothers as well don't have rights to protect their daughters from bad influences but that already is a corrupt society.

fschmidt said...

Analytical Adam, I agree with what you are saying. But... Nothing is perfect. In fact, nothing is even in the ballpark of perfect. So what can you do? I say you pick the least bad option and work on improving it. And what is the least bad option? I looked at Christianity. It doesn't appeal to me because of the emphasis of faith over moral action. I looked at Islam. The Quran just doesn't appeal to me. That leaves Judaism. Reform and Conservative Judaism is just liberalism. So that leaves Orthodox Judaism and Karaite Judaism. Which to pick? I am not sure. But when I do pick, I will do whatever I can to influence the group I choose to move in a better direction.

Analytical Adam said...

Thanks fschmidt. Unlike you I grew up in so called Orthodox Judaism so to me the problem is not "somewhere else". In fact I really believe many of the feminist laws and idea's come from those that call themselves "religious". There is much concern for women but none for men in the trenches who struggle to do the right thing and sometimes even are punished for doing the right thing. Instead it is always that men have it easy which I just think is the male leader projecting the fact that he himself may have it easy having a bully pulpit and being in a profession that there is less competition then in other professions.