Saturday, November 26, 2011

A real problem with the non-bilbical idea of Matriarchal descent.

This idea that the Rabbis which the Karaties don't follow that it doesn' t matter who the father is.

Although even if you hold by the father of course it isn't just that. A man has to be circumcised and a man has to marry a woman that has morality and does love and fear God since the  man is not going to make the woman do the right thing is she is not interested in her own mind. And a woman I guess can decide to marry a man from another nation if she wants and respects that nations culture.

In fact Deutoronomy 7:3 warned both genders about the issue of marrying within the 7 nations around them that had some serious immorality they committed that if they married them this would be passed on to the children which would cause the Israelites to be kicked out of Israel. Both genders can be guilty of thinking they can just mold the other gender which Sampson being the best example of what happens when a man thinks he can just do this in which he eventually gave away the source of his strength to Delila who used it against him.

The Rabbis feel this is a good way to get the women to like them by not caring who the father is. The problem that they don't understand is the feminism of other religions will appeal to them more as I have seen with my own eyes. For example I had a woman that liked the fact that a man who even looks at a woman even if she is flirting and trying to get the mans attention is committing adultery and that a woman is forgiving for committing adultery and of course the idea in the Jewish bible is too harsh. Truth be told the Jewish bible was speaking of a married woman and this was because it would be cruel to the man to have his wife pregnant through another man and it was to protect the straight one in the relationship. And this woman who liked these ideas feels she can be Jewish as well (although in Israel you have to be 1/4 Jewish from any side) which to be fair the nazi's considered anyone 1/4th Jewish as Jewish regardless of the side of the family.

  But she believes certain stereotypes about the Jewish bible that are not really true and that will soon creep into general views of Jewish people as well especially Jewish men that they just lack a heart.

   Although sadly the so called Orthodox focus on the Talmud (which in my view is man made) does cause men to fit that stereotype of men that lack a heart but that has nothing to do with the Five Books of Moses which Moses had a very big heart and was very modest. It has to do with Jewish people focusing more on what Rabbis in Babylonia said some of which they took passages out of context and to protect themselves forced people to think that everything they said was the truth and needed men who were snitches if they didn't follow the Rabbis which of course that kind of environment you will not end up with good decent men.


fschmidt said...

Deuteronomy 7:3-4 is interesting. It says "Do not give your daughters to their sons or take their daughters for your sons, because they will turn your sons away from Me to worship other gods. Then the LORD's anger will burn against you, and He will swiftly destroy you." God often makes statements in the form "Do not do X because Y." God explains his reasoning and then Rabbinic Jews ignore his reasoning. In particular, the Hasidic movement stresses blind obedience as opposed to understanding God's reasoning. But understanding God's reasoning clarifies under what conditions a commandment should be followed. For example, what if Jews were further from God than another religion? In this case, the logic against intermarriage would not apply. This was true in my case. I grew up in a secular home surrounded by liberal Jews. Liberal Jews are quite far from God, further away than conservative Christians are. Given that I didn't know anything about Orthodox Judaism, I think God would approve my decision to marry a Mexican Catholic instead of a corrupt American woman including a corrupt liberal Jewish woman.

God never gave any commandment regarding who is a Jew. Unlike Jewish rabbis, I don't think God is racist. I think God simply chose one tribe to carry his message and anyone who fit into that tribe would presumably be able to join. At that time, one tribe would share one culture, so the question of culture versus race never came up. My understanding is that Jews actually proselytized until the Romans punished Jews so heavily for this that Jews stopped and never started again. So the whole concept of inheriting Jewishness simply by birth as opposed to by cultures doesn't make sense to me. The current Israeli law of return is based on the Nazi definition of who is a Jew. I find this ironic.

Analytical Adam said...

Actually from the torah it can be inferred that God did say that those of the decedents of Abraham, Issac, and Jacob God considered Jews. That would be from the father. Even the parents is supposed to respond to the child when celebrating Passover that we were slaves in Egypt. Being Jewish is related to the experiences of your Great Grandparents from your fathers side being slaves in Egypt.

Analytical Adam said...

I agree generally that at this point I don't know what to do. Age wise and otherwise I don't want to end up childless which does the so called Rabbis really care. Not at all. The Karaite leaders don't really care either. They don't seem to push women to get married which would help OTHER MEN of course.

Did your wife convert or no? Even so I don't see it as an issue if you are raising your kids Jewish and she respects the religion.

At least to the so called Orthodox Rabbis it is an issue although not the Karaites or in Reform Judaism if they raise the children Jewish.
I know Chabad is more tolerant as well in this regard.

Especially is you have a Jewish last name as well. Sadly the Rabbis make conversion very difficult and also try to brainwash the women that other men are bad dating a woman who her father was Jewish and she went through conversion which was very time consuming and also they told her things that were really untrue about other Jewish men.

fschmidt said...

There are arguments on both sides. Of Abraham's descendants, only those from Sarah are considered Jews. Abraham's descendants from his other wives aren't Jews.

Analytical Adam said...

That is true! However, there are NO examples of a case where a woman is Jewish and the man isn't and the kid is considered part of the Jewish nation. In fact Ismael was considered except that Sarah said he would not be part of the Israelite people. Esau had the same two parents of Jacob yet he also was excluded. And of the 12 children of Jacob some of them were from the maidservants of Leah and Rivkah although the one tribe that Jews are called from was from Jacob and Leah. The only case of a woman marrying of another nation that we know of her is Esther of course who had to marry Achashverus which I think was Xerxes. However, she had to make the ultimate sacrifice for her people. Her children were the sons of a Persian King and to the male children that likely meant more then the fact Esther was from the tribe of Judah as their name comes from the father not the mother. I don't know much about the chldren of Xerxes and Esther but I think they were a mixed bag from a small amount of reading about this.

fschmidt said...

My wife didn't convert and I don't expect her to. I am raising my kids so that they can later decide what they want to do. I read the Bible with them and we discuss what it means using common sense, not rabbinic interpretation. And my family (including my wife) keeps Shabbat. But that is about all. I am still trying to figure out where we best fit. I think Karaite is probably the answer.

Analytical Adam said...

Common sense!! Boy, that is shocking, LOL.

That is why I try to do and part of this blog is to have some discussion as well as all of us need input of others as well as we all are limited by our own experiences in life and discussion helps us understand something we didn't understand before. In fact this did effect my views some of the discussions I have had here.

Certainly your sons and daughters (unlike someone not from the tribe of Judah) do have to keep Passover since God did save your Great Grandparents from the Egyptians of that time. You have to not eat leavened bread for 7 days.

Which again clearly there is an ethnic component to it.