Saturday, November 26, 2011

Last years post on the beginning portions of Genesis.

Sadly this year I haven't had a chance to post on the biblical portions in the first 25 chapters or so of Genesis which have been read in the last six weeks. The book of Genesis is fascinating. A woman was commenting here that helped shape and change some of my views from last year which it is always good if you're ideas are evolving and not just staying static. Although I will admit at times I jumped to the wrong conclusions which I have become a little more patient then I was although I still do make mistakes and at times can be overly patient when I shouldn't be or not be patient when I should not just to a conclusion too quickly.

. At that time I didn't know there was a group the Karaites who have issues with the Rabbis as going through this I started to questions some of the Rabbis ideas even more then I had in the past few years that didn't make sense although the Karaites are not perfect either. Anyway here are the posts from last year since sadly I haven't had a chance to post this year from this portion of Genesis.

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