Sunday, November 06, 2011

Jesus, Christianity and Femism and puting down Judaism to promote Christianiy.

This current job I have not sure how much longer I am going to be there (my contract ends at the end of the month and may not be extended this time). Tax season is coming up so it isn't so bad anyway.

But one woman is 1/4th Jewish (according to the feminist Rabbis she would be Jewish because it is her maternal Grandmother who is Jewish) although she goes to a church and uses her 1/4th being Jewish as a weapon to hurt other Jews from what I can see. Although if the nazi's came to power she would be considered Jewish and she can make Aliyah as any 1/4th Jew can. She even has a female Rabbi but what Rabbi what be associated with her if she openly goes to a church every Sunday. She is offended that I don't like the Rabbis which why should she care and if fact Christianity puts down Rabbis but I know why she is offended because she likes the fact that she can pretend to be Jewish as does her Christian male friend  and she clearly thinks the Jewish bible is not about love which is the classic Christian canard against Judaism which is absurd because why would God give Jews his people he gave the Torah to a religion that is full of hate.

So this discussion that went on last week she mentioned how according to Jesus is a man even looks at a woman he is committing adultery. Lovely!! Never mind if a woman is flirting to get a man's attention which happens all the time. It is all the man's fault. And this woman dresses in a way (even though she is overweight and not very attractive to honest with you) to get a man's attention. If you really believe that you don't dress in a provocative way. Otherwise you are just using the bible as a weapon to bash men. But that is interesting that this woman likes Jesus because he would be so harsh to other men. She also tells me how Jesus and the "father" forgave the woman who committed adultery. Which I brought up to be fair. Of course this means the Jewish bible is cruel which really isn't the case. Again, why would God give the Jewish people a cruel bible that needs to be changed. Then God is just using the Jews and they really aren't the ones that were given the true word of God at Mount Sinai. Of course, Christians steal the parts of the bible they think you should follow while doing this which I don't think is right.

The bible is trying to protect decent men and children. The law in the bible is related to a married woman. If a married woman has an affair with another man and she gets pregnant that is unfair to the man she is married to who then has to support another man's child. In addition the immoral man has someway else have to pay for his child which is just horrible in all ways. And for the child of this as well which is why God felt it was a capital offense to engage in this to protect those who are moral and to protect children and to not reward immoral men and immoral woman which would cause more people to engage in immoral behavior. To forgive a woman who does this is cruel and in addition rewarding an immoral man in my opinion.

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