Sunday, November 13, 2011

How my Grandparents met and got married. (Both sides)

I was talking both to my father and mother and wanted to find out how my Grandparents met. On my fathers side my father told me it was they were set up as that is how it was done in those days (they were in Hungary at the time) and he doesn't any more then that. They were about 6-7 years apart age wise.

My mothers side is more interesting. My Grandfather was in a family of 7 boys. (Actually 9 but 2 died as teenagers). My Grandfather owned a Dairy grocery mostly selling cheese. And his future wife his mother shopped there and liked my Grandfather so one day she brought his daughter to the store and that is how they started going out and eventually getting married.

Back in those days there were more mom and pop stores then today. And my Grandfather and some of his brothers owned stores and I think their wives worked with them as well which is great I think because you can contribute and of course your schedule can be much more flexible then working for someone else

I do try to contribute to a mom and pop stores sometimes where I live in Northern, NJ and not just always go to the chains although in some cases the chain is owned by a family trying to make a living.


fschmidt said...

It seems we have a few things in common. My parents are Hungarian Jews living in Teaneck, NJ. You may be interested in my CoAlpha website. I found your blog while researching Karaite Judaism.

Analytical Adam said...

I took a look at that site you are an admin of and some of it is interesting.

That is interesting your view on Jesus that he was rebelling against the Saducies who were trying to hurt other men and make up their own rules and undermine anything in the bible that gave men rights It is hard to know since many of his followers actually rejected biblical parts of Judaism as well including aspects that apply to everyone not just to Israelites who were saved from Egypt. And who your followers are do shed light on who you are.

Analytical Adam said...

In terms of claiming that adultery is the opposite of prostitution that I have to strongly disagree as actually that is created 2 CLASSES OF WOMEN. Those that are married and men have responsibility towards them and another class that are just for a man's pleasure and have no rights and that is wrong. Some I am sure are from poor backgrounds or have no father and they shouldn't BE TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF.

fschmidt said...

I'm glad you looked at my site. Regarding Jesus and his followers, there is a big difference between Jesus's followers in his lifetime and those who came after his death and twisted what he said. Please give me a specific example of something biblical that was rejected by Jesus.

If you spend time reading about the men's rights movement, you will find that many are anti-Jewish. As was true for most of history, this is the result of ignorance. I am glad to have such people as members of my group, where I have a chance to educate them. This is far better than burying one's head in the sand and pretending that such people don't exist.

There is nothing in the Tanakh against prostitution. Legal prostitutes most certainly have rights and live a good life. In societies like Ancient Athens and Old Japan where prostitution was accepted, high class prostitutes not only had rights but were widely respected. Women should have free choice regarding which path they want to take. What is unacceptable is for women to become sluts, and this is only possible in a society where sluts are supported by the government at the expense of the rights of men as is done in our society.