Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Having part time work and some time alone now.

It is a little tough that I was let go from this job in that some days I am at home and it is a bit lonely. Although this isn't going to be very long but still it is somewhat lonely. I wish I had a wife by my side but hopefully something in that regard will happen as just like any man it help;s to have a woman.  That is the way God made it.

It is funny because I am not a fan of the feminist movement (it's roots are in communism and Karl Marx among other attempts at so called equality who wanted women to work for him and hated women that were married as that meant less control for him)  but I have never felt women shouldn't work as some seem to feel and I don't know why that this somehow makes them holy and I don't agree they shouldn't use their skills to help provide for their family and make it a little easier on the husband as well although in some situation it isn't cost effective to do this. Just sitting home all day if kids are not very small and are not homeschooling would get boring to be honest with you although if a woman is doing a lot at home I guess it would make sense to be home if you are homeschooling. In fact my Maternal Grandfather and my Great Uncle both owned their own stores where their wives helped out in their stores from what I understand.

Although to be fair some work men do as well it is to do work and not be social. A job is a job. It is not to be social and jobs where it is more important to be buddy buddy with others usually don't provide the best services and I was in a job that the field is almost a monopoly so people could do what they want. In fact one job I applied for is working at home giving tax advice that I was contacted yesterday for.

But in the past when people owned farms or even their own businesses the women did help out their husbands and it was good because in that situation it was more flexible for them. Today with big corporations and many of the laws men overall get less benefits then women women get certain benefits but the same salary and that is not really fair to the guys as they are punished for not being a woman and pushes overall wages for those who are employees down.

This is an article which a NY times article on male-female wages.

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