Saturday, November 19, 2011

Got let go from my job at the health provider.

Here in NJ. Not naming the name for obvious reasons. It was done for political reasons and I didn't even get to say goodbye to anyone and some of the things done to me were just really obnoxious. Job wise it isn't the end of the world for me as I was only going to be there another 6 weeks anyway as I was a temp but just being let go the way as a guy that is social is upsetting. I can't even be part of the thanksgiving meal next Monday.

One of the women there was 1/4th Jewish. According to the Rabbis she would be Jewish and she does know that. However, feminism of Christianity is more appealing in which if a man even looks at a woman (even if she is flirting with him and trying to get his attention) he is committing adultery. Her parents did divorce which is difficult and I feel for her for that as it is very difficult for a child. And she likes the Rabbis who to them women are always victims and she believes some of the stereotypes about Judaism and she likes Jews that fit the stereotype from what it seems to me. Her and others hide behind her. A guy there who openly just wants other women and his wife isn't enough even though he has said he can't afford another child threatened me because I was upset at this woman using Rabbis or in her case a female Rabbi when clearly she certainly doesn't care much for the religion. You can be someone that sees some good in different religions but that isn't the case here she just uses this to try to push Christianity on Jewish people which to do that I think is intellectually wrong. And this guy that defends her who is African American is also full of hate to Jewish people from what I can see as he supports a man Ron Paul who gets the support of people like David Duke and Black who have an extreme hatred towards those with black skin and yet he doesn't care.

For these reasons it isn't the end of the world that I am not there anymore since the hostility towards anyone Jewish and wanted to wipe away my identity is pretty clear since my father is Jewish and in fact both my parents are Jewish. I don't mind if someone wants to share what they think is what God wants. But in this case it really felt to me more putting Jewish people down and some sort of group think which I think is terrible and it was obvious with the African American guy, this woman who was 1/4th Jewish by her Maternal Grandmother (which the evil nazi's would consider her Jewish) and this other guy who is Armenian who I felt really were more interested in being upset at my identity more then anything else. It was more about hating the Jewish people and I think the Jewish bible more then having anything positive to contribute and that really is bad.

However, she was someone who just used that she was 1/4th Jewish to try to push the fact that she was Christian and I find that offensive as a decent person would say I don't practice any form of Judaism even though I am 1/4th Jewish. She brags that she has a female Rabbi she turns too. But she doesn't practice the religion so what purpose is this Rabbi other then being a token person to use for your own purposes which as someone who both parents are Jewish I find this offensive.

Which was the whole thing that got out of control at this place. I have never seen people proselytizing with such obvious contempt and hatred of anyone Jewish. From liking Ron Paul who most Jews think does hate Israel and the Jewish people and almost everyone feels that way to trying to just put something on my desk for group think purposes there was nothing here that showed any sense of we agree with certain ideas that we want to share. Instead it was just you should think like us so because anyone that doesn't think like us is a nonperson.
That is the way I felt to be honest and it was terrible. And using a 1/4th Jew for this purposes (who the Rabbis would consider Jewish which shows how out of touch they are with reality) of trying to convert me is just terrible. It is sad that this woman would have been in the holocaust and yet she has no understanding of what she is doing.

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