Sunday, November 13, 2011

The Archie view of how men react to women which is not a healthy way.

Of course growing up sadly I didn't have any superhero comics but my sister use to get a lot of archie comics and sadly because my parents didn't encourage my own reading I ended up reading my sisters stuff.

But anyway I guess Archie can work for both genders. Of course in Archie comics and in other characters as well any time a man see's an attractive women they become completely attracted and infatuated.and will do anything to make the woman happy and never really stand up for anything and just do whatever the woman wants because they are so attracted to the woman's beauty. The worst example is with Melody in which she doesn't even know she is attractive which is just silly. And that her female friends in this comic don't have any attraction of their own. It is just plain silly and sends a lot of bad messages.

Of course sadly this is not the way a man is suppose to be nor is it just "part of his nature". Issiah 3:12 criticizes the nation for being ruled by women and doing anything to make their immoral wives happy. Any healthy man can still recognize that a woman is attractive but misusing her sexuality. A healthy man understands that a woman's attraction was meant to help; create marriage and is related to their fertility. During the time of ovulation a woman has a higher libido which of course is that this time having intimacy would more likely lead to conception. So any intelligent thoughtful man the attraction doesn't just goes a man to act in an unthinking way.

A healthy guy would if he can try to at least say something to a woman who is acting improperly as mentioned above as at the end of the day this doesn't benefit the woman if she is a flirt let us say. She may benefit for a while but at some point her looks will fade and then what.

But sadly in Archie comics they make it that men are just at the mercy of a woman's attraction and become just a slave to the woman because of this attraction.

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