Friday, November 25, 2011

100% disagree Shas seeks stronger penalties for missionaries.

I disagree. I do think children under a certain age but other then that I disagree. If someone wants to share what they honestly believe about God what is the issue. Are Jewish people that insecure that they have to punish people that disagree with them and can't allow a discussion on what God says and didn't see or why they feel certain ways.

It is ironic because a friend told me yesterday is someone asks him about religion he is afraid he will be seen as pushing his religion. And I guess when you have this attitude that some Jews have then Jews could get in trouble if they share anything and I can't agree with it on any level. It is a facist law that is against basic free speech from what I can see. The Jews that received the bible at Mount Sinai should just be afraid of someone that has idea's that are somewhat different and put them in jail for this!!! This is insane and what standard do you set. It is just really sad and it upsets me as a Jewish person.

I have had people that I felt were disrespectful to my identity but I honestly have had different experiences in this regard and some clearly they feel as a person that is social they want to share what they think and that should be a CRIME. Very sick IMO.,7340,L-3376215,00.html

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