Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Getting many calls on job opportunities.

Working part time but thankfully getting calls for opportunities which I am really happy about with tax season coming up and some of it would switch me to full time very soon and keep me going until at least the end of tax season.

Someone answer me on Facebook on men and impurity.

Someone did answer me on Facebook and was pretty rude in telling me that God would not make an impure for a man to have an emission of semen at night which is beyond his control. I responded that well a woman having her period is not within her control either so that seems like a strange argument. But I did look it up in Leviticus 15:16 and the impurity is for a day but only that which has a semen stain on it and nothing else. So I guess it does not make everything else impure except your clothes and possibly your bed which in it's own way is creating an impurity. And to be fair it isn't 100% random in that certainly if a man is aroused during the day by a woman flirting with him he is more likely to have an emission at night then if that didn't happen.

Obviously this are ideal that in today's society would be difficult to meet and there is no temple today and maybe this is one of the reasons why there is no temple in Israel as there is much impurity and behavior that create more of this impurity and we have given over part of the temple to the Muslims in Israel.

 With this kind of impurity we would not be fit to set into the temple anyway with God listening to us and protecting us as God did create the strong power of sexuality but it has to be used properly  which God created this for people to create a new generation and new life into the world and when used in that context it is a very holy act and when seen in this light it also gives a person on sense of responsibility that intimacy has some responsibilities attached to it as well. This spoken from a man who is not married but hopes that I will meet a Godly women to marry who will be my helpmate.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thought this was interesting on Karaites and family

MY COMMENTS ON THIS ARTICLE:ANYWAY from the article my only question is what about men who release sperm at night. They are impure for a day and therefore have to be seperated as well.

And what about women after they give birth I assume they can be with the child even though they are impure and the child has this impurity as well which can easily be removed after the period ends by washing their clothes as well. In fact it may give them this special bonding with the child although obviously a boy has to be circumcised at 8 days. Here is the article

 Unit. The Karaite family is basically patriarchal. Among the very religious, menstruating women must sleep and sit in separate spaces from men and are prohibited from entering the kitchen and engaging in food preparation for a seven-day period. These practices highlight the centrality of men in ritual roles because the practices are intended to help guard men from impurity so that they may participate in synagogue services. In Egypt, where Karaites often lived in extended families, postmenopausal women would commonly assume all household chores while younger women were menstruating; in Israel, where the nuclear family is more the norm, men and boys sometimes assume these domestic duties.

Despite the fact that the women's movements are restricted in certain areas, unlike the Rabbinites, Karaite men do not recite prayers thanking God that they were not born women. Karaite women are also allowed relative freedom of dress and may dispose of property without their husbands' permission.

Read more: Kinship, marriage, and family - Karaites

As to why the impurity it is likely from what I read to remind women of not wasting their child bearing years and for men not to think physical attraction to women is just for pleasure without any responsibility. Does anyone actually do this in Israel? Does anyone know.

Also while Karaites do want their women dress in an appropriate manner I would think from reading this unlike the Rabbis they let people use their sense in this and not micromanage it themselves.
And for helping men not waste their sperm I would think think they wouldn't want women to just play games with men in flirting with them to arouse them when they aren't interested in arousing men so they will have relations and bring new life into the world.

This beating up others if they don't have the same symbols.

I don't think it is a good thing or religious that people will pick on the one that doesn't have a Christmas true which to be honest has pagan roots. I do think Christianity has helped others learn about the Jewish bible that wouldn't have happened otherwise but there are pagan elements to the religion (as there are sadly to Judaism today as well ). And certainly this group think mentality is very ungodly. Anyway here is an interesting comic on Christmas coming up.

I was talking to someone from Facebook from NC who told me they left the Chruch and then was in some Messianic movement and isn't involved in any organized religion. Sadly the Jewish Rabbis don't help in this regard as some of they many time have a condescending view of nonjews and themselves have adopted pagan practices. Karaites Jewss only have two congregations in the US or three as far as I know and they only have sort of mixed in some pagan practices of Islam. I don't know what to say. The problem is religion today is a "career" and character is not part of what it takes to be a religious leader today which of course was the case with Moses and who God picked to be leaders.

Erin Prizzey on Intimate Partner Abuse and Feminism

She was one who was considered about abuse in families but felt this idea that it was man 100% evil woman 100% good wasn't always the case. For that she was harassed and abused by other woman who just wanted to blame men 100% for every family issue. To the point she had to go into exile. It is amazing that the people that claim to be against "violence" are themselves extremely violent. And to top that off there are going to project they are likely to men who they see as one to blame for everything. That since they respond to any difference in a violent way that this is the way men will respond since they project all this negative behavior to men. She is on the site Respecting Accuracy in Domestic Abuse Reporting.

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Last years post on the beginning portions of Genesis.

Sadly this year I haven't had a chance to post on the biblical portions in the first 25 chapters or so of Genesis which have been read in the last six weeks. The book of Genesis is fascinating. A woman was commenting here that helped shape and change some of my views from last year which it is always good if you're ideas are evolving and not just staying static. Although I will admit at times I jumped to the wrong conclusions which I have become a little more patient then I was although I still do make mistakes and at times can be overly patient when I shouldn't be or not be patient when I should not just to a conclusion too quickly.

. At that time I didn't know there was a group the Karaites who have issues with the Rabbis as going through this I started to questions some of the Rabbis ideas even more then I had in the past few years that didn't make sense although the Karaites are not perfect either. Anyway here are the posts from last year since sadly I haven't had a chance to post this year from this portion of Genesis.

A real problem with the non-bilbical idea of Matriarchal descent.

This idea that the Rabbis which the Karaties don't follow that it doesn' t matter who the father is.

Although even if you hold by the father of course it isn't just that. A man has to be circumcised and a man has to marry a woman that has morality and does love and fear God since the  man is not going to make the woman do the right thing is she is not interested in her own mind. And a woman I guess can decide to marry a man from another nation if she wants and respects that nations culture.

In fact Deutoronomy 7:3 warned both genders about the issue of marrying within the 7 nations around them that had some serious immorality they committed that if they married them this would be passed on to the children which would cause the Israelites to be kicked out of Israel. Both genders can be guilty of thinking they can just mold the other gender which Sampson being the best example of what happens when a man thinks he can just do this in which he eventually gave away the source of his strength to Delila who used it against him.

Friday, November 25, 2011

100% disagree Shas seeks stronger penalties for missionaries.

I disagree. I do think children under a certain age but other then that I disagree. If someone wants to share what they honestly believe about God what is the issue. Are Jewish people that insecure that they have to punish people that disagree with them and can't allow a discussion on what God says and didn't see or why they feel certain ways.

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy thanksgiving to everyone.

This is what I wrote on thanksgiving and last year and property rights and the pilgrims actually when they first came  here their religious beliefs did not really care much for property rights although the bible clearly recognizes this and this led to starvation as most people had no incentive to work and were not happy that their work would go to support another men and his wife and children. Anyone here is the link to the post I wrote last year.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Having part time work and some time alone now.

It is a little tough that I was let go from this job in that some days I am at home and it is a bit lonely. Although this isn't going to be very long but still it is somewhat lonely. I wish I had a wife by my side but hopefully something in that regard will happen as just like any man it help;s to have a woman.  That is the way God made it.

It is funny because I am not a fan of the feminist movement (it's roots are in communism and Karl Marx among other attempts at so called equality who wanted women to work for him and hated women that were married as that meant less control for him)  but I have never felt women shouldn't work as some seem to feel and I don't know why that this somehow makes them holy and I don't agree they shouldn't use their skills to help provide for their family and make it a little easier on the husband as well although in some situation it isn't cost effective to do this. Just sitting home all day if kids are not very small and are not homeschooling would get boring to be honest with you although if a woman is doing a lot at home I guess it would make sense to be home if you are homeschooling. In fact my Maternal Grandfather and my Great Uncle both owned their own stores where their wives helped out in their stores from what I understand.

Although to be fair some work men do as well it is to do work and not be social. A job is a job. It is not to be social and jobs where it is more important to be buddy buddy with others usually don't provide the best services and I was in a job that the field is almost a monopoly so people could do what they want. In fact one job I applied for is working at home giving tax advice that I was contacted yesterday for.

But in the past when people owned farms or even their own businesses the women did help out their husbands and it was good because in that situation it was more flexible for them. Today with big corporations and many of the laws men overall get less benefits then women women get certain benefits but the same salary and that is not really fair to the guys as they are punished for not being a woman and pushes overall wages for those who are employees down.

This is an article which a NY times article on male-female wages.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Reb Sholomo on the 10 commandments. Censors my comments that don't agree. .

The Karaite Reb Shlomo has this video which he censures my comments. "The 10 commandments are NOT moral"

While I am happy that there is some group that has good reason to disagree with Rabbinic Judaism their leadership is lousy and they do have their own baggage from what I can see and their claim that they are the oldest form of Judaism don't think that is exactly true although I would love to be proving wrong.

Anyway in this video Reb Shlomo claim the 10 commandments are NOT about morality and not a moral code as the object of Judaism is to submit to God. Which he is partly right but I think this is the impact of other religions on Karaite Judaism sadly.

Got let go from my job at the health provider.

Here in NJ. Not naming the name for obvious reasons. It was done for political reasons and I didn't even get to say goodbye to anyone and some of the things done to me were just really obnoxious. Job wise it isn't the end of the world for me as I was only going to be there another 6 weeks anyway as I was a temp but just being let go the way as a guy that is social is upsetting. I can't even be part of the thanksgiving meal next Monday.

One of the women there was 1/4th Jewish. According to the Rabbis she would be Jewish and she does know that. However, feminism of Christianity is more appealing in which if a man even looks at a woman (even if she is flirting with him and trying to get his attention) he is committing adultery. Her parents did divorce which is difficult and I feel for her for that as it is very difficult for a child. And she likes the Rabbis who to them women are always victims and she believes some of the stereotypes about Judaism and she likes Jews that fit the stereotype from what it seems to me. Her and others hide behind her. A guy there who openly just wants other women and his wife isn't enough even though he has said he can't afford another child threatened me because I was upset at this woman using Rabbis or in her case a female Rabbi when clearly she certainly doesn't care much for the religion. You can be someone that sees some good in different religions but that isn't the case here she just uses this to try to push Christianity on Jewish people which to do that I think is intellectually wrong. And this guy that defends her who is African American is also full of hate to Jewish people from what I can see as he supports a man Ron Paul who gets the support of people like David Duke and Black who have an extreme hatred towards those with black skin and yet he doesn't care.

For these reasons it isn't the end of the world that I am not there anymore since the hostility towards anyone Jewish and wanted to wipe away my identity is pretty clear since my father is Jewish and in fact both my parents are Jewish. I don't mind if someone wants to share what they think is what God wants. But in this case it really felt to me more putting Jewish people down and some sort of group think which I think is terrible and it was obvious with the African American guy, this woman who was 1/4th Jewish by her Maternal Grandmother (which the evil nazi's would consider her Jewish) and this other guy who is Armenian who I felt really were more interested in being upset at my identity more then anything else. It was more about hating the Jewish people and I think the Jewish bible more then having anything positive to contribute and that really is bad.

However, she was someone who just used that she was 1/4th Jewish to try to push the fact that she was Christian and I find that offensive as a decent person would say I don't practice any form of Judaism even though I am 1/4th Jewish. She brags that she has a female Rabbi she turns too. But she doesn't practice the religion so what purpose is this Rabbi other then being a token person to use for your own purposes which as someone who both parents are Jewish I find this offensive.

Sunday, November 13, 2011

I thought this was interesting on female libido.

It really is interesting reading about the woman's cycle and how each part was made that a woman would be attracted at the time she is most likely to conceive and she herself would be most interested in intimacy. And that the period after would help if a woman got pregnant during the period around ovulation. Anyway this is an interesting on woman libido which is actually on the dependent on that evil male hormone called testosterone and it is the highest during the 13th (I guess it isn't such bad luck) of the cycle. Which interestingly I think the Rabbis would feel you can't have intimacy till the 15th day which is a problem since the most fertile days maybe a few days before. Anyway, here is what wikipedia said on libido related to female libido.  Some of this to be fair I didn't even realize myself as there is a time when a woman's libido is low.

The other aspect of this is that the birth control pill does is reduce a woman's testosterone (which maybe intended among other things to prevent pregnancy) which is not the same during the whole month anyway but one of the side effects is lower muscle mass. A woman only produce 10% of what a man produces but the pill lowers it even more which they do need some testosterone and you are fooling with nature here.

 Can anyone comment on this? From wikipedia on libido.

Testosterone and menstrual cycle

A woman's desire for sex is correlated to her menstrual cycle, with many women experiencing a heightened sexual desire in the several days immediately before ovulation.[12]
This cycle has been associated with changes in a woman's testosterone levels during the menstrual cycle. According to Gabrielle Lichterman, testosterone levels have a direct impact on a woman's interest in sex. According to her, testosterone levels rise gradually from about the 24th day of a woman's menstrual cycle until ovulation on about the 14th day of the next cycle, and during this period the woman's desire for sex increase consistently. The 13th day is generally the day with the highest testosterone levels. In the week following ovulation, the testosterone level is the lowest and as a result women will experience less interest in sex.[13]

How my Grandparents met and got married. (Both sides)

I was talking both to my father and mother and wanted to find out how my Grandparents met. On my fathers side my father told me it was they were set up as that is how it was done in those days (they were in Hungary at the time) and he doesn't any more then that. They were about 6-7 years apart age wise.

My mothers side is more interesting. My Grandfather was in a family of 7 boys. (Actually 9 but 2 died as teenagers). My Grandfather owned a Dairy grocery mostly selling cheese. And his future wife his mother shopped there and liked my Grandfather so one day she brought his daughter to the store and that is how they started going out and eventually getting married.

Back in those days there were more mom and pop stores then today. And my Grandfather and some of his brothers owned stores and I think their wives worked with them as well which is great I think because you can contribute and of course your schedule can be much more flexible then working for someone else

I do try to contribute to a mom and pop stores sometimes where I live in Northern, NJ and not just always go to the chains although in some cases the chain is owned by a family trying to make a living.

The types of family that stay in organized religion.

From what I have seen sadly these are the types that are very involved in organized religion and not just on the sidelines from what I have seen. 3 basic types.

A. A family with all male children
B. A family with all female children
C. A family that has both male and female children but the woman are all older then the men.

In my family most fit either A or C. And they follow organized religion and Rabbinic Judaism without any questions.

The Archie view of how men react to women which is not a healthy way.

Of course growing up sadly I didn't have any superhero comics but my sister use to get a lot of archie comics and sadly because my parents didn't encourage my own reading I ended up reading my sisters stuff.

But anyway I guess Archie can work for both genders. Of course in Archie comics and in other characters as well any time a man see's an attractive women they become completely attracted and infatuated.and will do anything to make the woman happy and never really stand up for anything and just do whatever the woman wants because they are so attracted to the woman's beauty. The worst example is with Melody in which she doesn't even know she is attractive which is just silly. And that her female friends in this comic don't have any attraction of their own. It is just plain silly and sends a lot of bad messages.

Sunday, November 06, 2011

Jesus, Christianity and Femism and puting down Judaism to promote Christianiy.

This current job I have not sure how much longer I am going to be there (my contract ends at the end of the month and may not be extended this time). Tax season is coming up so it isn't so bad anyway.

But one woman is 1/4th Jewish (according to the feminist Rabbis she would be Jewish because it is her maternal Grandmother who is Jewish) although she goes to a church and uses her 1/4th being Jewish as a weapon to hurt other Jews from what I can see. Although if the nazi's came to power she would be considered Jewish and she can make Aliyah as any 1/4th Jew can. She even has a female Rabbi but what Rabbi what be associated with her if she openly goes to a church every Sunday. She is offended that I don't like the Rabbis which why should she care and if fact Christianity puts down Rabbis but I know why she is offended because she likes the fact that she can pretend to be Jewish as does her Christian male friend  and she clearly thinks the Jewish bible is not about love which is the classic Christian canard against Judaism which is absurd because why would God give Jews his people he gave the Torah to a religion that is full of hate.

Wednesday, November 02, 2011

What would someone suggest to meet a good woman who is of childbearing age?

That is the question of the day. Don't think can go to a well and find woman that are watering their flock.

Is that too much to ask. I am 38 and I guess I look for a little younger. My oldest Great Uncle is 93 while his wife is 83. Maybe I should ask how they met. I certainly can deal with the outside world and people that at 28 even though I had a steady job at that time I was more vulnerable to a lost job as once was laid off at 29 I went 9 month without a job and had a few years of little work which is much less likely for me today.

Also I am much more humble now then I was then. I know saying how humble you are isn't exactly humble but I mean not thinking everything is as black and white as I once thought and being able to deal with different types of people recognizing this. 

So what would someone suggest. Any good websites that really is helpful. Any good places to go to try to meet people and start a conversation.