Sunday, October 09, 2011

The Jewish Calender sadly is fraudulant in some ways.

That is the conclusion I have reached. First of all the beginning of the year is during the spring time two weeks before the holidays of Passover. This month is the 7th month of the year. In the Bible months don't have names as they are based on the number of the year. Days as well work the same way as in the bible it is the 1st day, 2nd day, except for Shabbat. In the Jewish calender they have names for the months which who knows what these names mean as they may even have pagan origins as some English month and days are based on pagan gods. As do why we have names for the Jewish months, it seems to me this was to cover up the fact that they switched when the new year was and they couldn't call it by the number of the month like in the bible because it would seem silly and obvious to have the "new year" in the 7th month. So to cover their tracks they made these names for the month which I think are not based on anything to do with the bible. Sadly Judaism has much pagan influences just like other religions do at this time and I am not one at this point to think that we are so much better then other religions in that regard. Although God wants us to remove pagan influences in our observance which when we follow the God of the Bible properly it does reach the heart of man but when done improperly makes God out to be some evil irrational force which is not the truth.

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SouthernBelle Rivky said...

Oh I found answer to my question on HaRav Wikipedia, article here Right now my head hurts so I need to reread that sections on molad and postphonement rules later and it will probably make more sense. Also talks about Kariate and my personal favorite dead sea scroll people.

Mr. Adam being big numbers kind of guy probably will like article. Too bad the numbers this time don't have $$$ in front so Mr. Adam could be really happy. hehe

Also your question on where the names come from is also covered. The month names and start of Rosh Hashana are based on Babylonian calendar. I had heard this somewhere before.