Tuesday, October 04, 2011

The idea that married men are less sexually aroused and to be more trusted around women in general.

Sad to say sometimes I have worked with married men who sometimes being married they can be worse then those who are not married. I think it depends on why they have intimacy especially when a woman is in her child bearing years when woman at that are somewhat more attractive which I think God created that way for a good reason in that it helps a woman be able to attract a man during those years and in a normal marriage as looks fade obviously there are other reasons that keep a marriage alive.

If intimacy is done for the wrong reasons it can become unhealthy that you just see women as a sex object and being married is going to change that and I certainly see some men who whenever they talk to a woman they will go over even disturbing the woman's time in doing so.

None of this is criminal; but it certainly doesn't suggest that being married they leave other women alone and let other men who unmarried talk to some of the women.

In fact it creates a classic catch 22. Men who need a job to help have money to get married in the first place can't get a job in some area's because they don't want an unmarried man teaching children unless they are married.


SouthernBelle Rivky said...

Finally captcha is showing up so I can post. First, your title is silly idea. If men are men, then being married doesn't change who they are. The guys that are creepy when single are probably going to be married creeps. Though in the secular world, single might mean a guy is involved or cohabitating, but technically not married. And plenty of guys looking for no strings fun. Even a lot of so called religious men are like that.

Mr. Adam being that he is a super duper high quality good guy probably doesn't realize how common the creepy ones are.

And you are right it is doubly creepy when unavailable men are bothering women at work. Work is suppose to be for working, otherwise one is basically stealing from employer if there's stuff to be done. And even on breaks, perhaps a woman has personal business to do. But she has to deal with some creepy guy because usually these smooth talkers will get offended if busy when they want to chat.

Sounds like Mr. Adam sees a cutie at work you might be interested in chatting with :)

Analytical Adam said...

That is true but according to many Rabbis and certain passages in the Mishna and Talmud a man who is married is to be more trusted in teaching children.

You are pretty perceptive I guess being a woman yourself who I am sure guys (some who are creepy) like to just talk with you when you aren't wanting to.

Actually the situation is I sit next to a woman who is young and fairly attractive and some other people I work with actually like to start a conversation with her to distract me and it annoyed me. It seems like the company caught on to what was going on.

At the same time I have to see it takes two to tango and she likes the attention and she does use men who aren't such good men to do things for her and get information from them.

I do think that she did actually stick up for me when one of the bosses was just making sure everything was ok although I am not certain of that. And she also wants said when I needed to borrow her phone (I don't have a desk) That this Adam's secretary which seemed to suggest that she likes me.

It does seem she feels comfortable near me with these cubicles that you could see the other person in the next desk. A number of us from the group went to a meal after the earthquake and at this point it certain ways she seems to be someone that likes to help others which is a good thing (and she told me she had a Jewish relative in the holocaust) but she does go to church and seems very busy anyway so I don't know what to make of it at this point.

Also I know we hopefully we will get together soon.

Analytical Adam said...

The other thing was that one of the guys who was also trying to talk to her when I was talking to someone else who also was a woman which was strictly for a project I was doing as she is married and has a young child and it was distracting that I started talking louder as right when I started talking he started his conversation which was very distracting and rude.

It reached a point that he was talking about "equality". Which is a load of crap as this guy never helps another guy and even his own sons he sometimes talks badly about. I know this equality stuff is a scam and it benefits men who love women and saving all women and they are less of a threat to take their job then a man is even if doing this they will gain less knowledge.

Analytical Adam said...

Also a day I wasn't there she IMed me (which I had given some of the people I work with my card) that if everything was ok that I wasn't at work. Which I wasn't expecting and I though was nice and thoughtful.