Sunday, October 02, 2011

I hope everyone had a happy Yom Truah! Day of Blasting.

That is the real name of the holiday that just passed. Not Rosh Hashana. (The New Year). In fact it is interesting that it actually is in the middle of the year that we ask God for forgiveness for our sins on Yom Kippur which is coming up next Sunday. The calender as well should really start in the spring as they make the first month in September. Not sure what the months mean as it guess this was to cover up that it really isn't the beginning of the year. In the bible the month are based on the month of the year the 7th month, the 8th month, etc. Just as the days of the week are the 1st day (Yom Rishon) , the 2nd day (Yom Sheni) , except for Shabbos which is Shabat. Don't know what Tishri means the month that is now which is the 7th month. Anyone??

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