Sunday, October 02, 2011

God bringing the Jewish people back from the 4 corners of the earth.

In Chapter 28 of Deuteronomy Moses mentions the curses the Jewish people will have is they don't follow the contract God made with us. In Chapter 30 God then mentions that if we take what happened to us with heart then God will change our fortunes and return us to the land of our forefathers.

The issue here is that actually it does suggest that gong back to the land we do need God's help as it doesn't say we should go back to the land. Is that because we shouldn't leave our family to live in Israel as it does say to live a long life in the land we should honor our parents (although that doesn't mean excusing or making excuses for serious sins against God parents have made) and if we move to Israel to leave them is that really what we should be doing. Of course clearly when God kicked the Jews out of arab lands and they were able to run to Israel in some way God was helping them (at least some of them) in moving to Israel.

These passages do go against a view held by some Rabbis and by some Karaites that I found very distasteful and false. And that is the claim that the holocaust happened because Jews didn't want to move to Israel.

I find that to be making God into some vicious God because if that was the issue why would God allow them to be killed  in the most cruel inhuman ways. Simply because living in Israel would allow them to do more of God's commands but for not doing it doesn't make sense to let them be killed in such inhumane ways including children if this was their main problem but in general they were moral people. Sad to say I think the reason is because there likely was among many Jews promoting immorality and the kind of behavior that puts children at risk and causes some children to be in very bad conditions and for that God allowed their enemies to do horrible things to us since we supported immoral activities that put children at tremendous risk.

But clearly if we were suppose to move to Israel the second we get the chance then this passage should demand we do this and not say that God will bring us back as we should do it ourselves. Any thoughts on this? Is it just saying that we should do it ourselves but God will let us be successful if we truly follow the word of God to the best of our ability.


SouthernBelle Rivky said...

Certainly there are valid reasons to want to make aliyah. Some people go to seminary and don't want to leave or they meet someone. That's perfectly valid. As far as everyone packing bags and moving, I don't think it is required or even desired at this time.

People do move away from their parents for a variety of reasons, including work, marriage, liking another location better. That's not disrespectful or not honorable to be further away. Parents move to warm climates too, it doesn't mean one has to disrupt own life.

As far as not living in Israel being a justification for horrible events in history that is crazy to speculate. Unless they are prophets or something along those lines, we can't really know. Certainly what about all the little kids that didn't do anything wrong and were too young to pack up and move to Israel on their own.

Analytical Adam said...

I just mention the issue of honoring parents is it actually says for God to be with us in the land of Israel we should honor our parents. So to specifically move to Israel to get away from your parents may not be a good reason.

But clearly this passage seems to recognize that to just get up and leave to Israel is not so simple and we do need God to help us in some way as it is very hard to just do it on our own.