Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The discussion I had with a woman about Adam and Eve

Some people have really been obnoxious at the job I have been up as they try to have conversations in front of my face especially about going to church and to be fair I am not a fan of my own religion and don't go to synagogue very often and haven't gone in a while and I feel the male leaders mostly pander to women although they don't have their best interest at heart and some women see through them although some don't as they like that they are showed favoritism. But anyway I know some have had the most insane article on Adam and Eve to change the story because they don't like the fact that Eve sinned here or even that Adam named the animals and named his wife Eve. So anyway this woman who seems to love the male religious leader and doesn't even see she is being his helpmate and claims to be an expert on the bible I just could not believe how dishonest she was.

Tells me that before Adam named Eve her name also was Adam. Uh, ok. Just because something isn't named doesn't mean they have the same name as something else. And that Eve was the mother of all living things but Adam was just Adam. Last time I checked Adam named all the living things and it was Adam who gave Eve his name. Right? It is clear this woman want to turn the bible into her feminist viewpoint and basically say the opposite of what is actually said. And then she also said that it is written in Greek which also isn't true. I'm sure some Pastors lie and say the Jewish bible because they don't want their stupid sheep in their congregation to be interested any Jewish idea because they language was in Hebrew so they lie and claim it was written in Greek which is not true.

The Christian Bible was written in Greek but not the Jewish one I for one can't believe that they don't know this. I think they are intentionally lying because of their own power grabs and not wanting Christianity to be connected to Judaism in any way. Of course someone who tries to get women to be jealous of men is also going to want non-Jews to be jealous of Jews as socialism and "equality" which if you really are angry about this sue God don't go over some low level man. Of course Jews then in Israel is likely some form of inequality and them controlling the sites in Israel. Only sadly in the Jewish world as well to be fair many try to distort the story of Adam and Eve because they want men to be put down in all respects similar to what this woman said above with complete nonsense. The main lesson of the story among other things is the first sin was a man who loved his wife more then God and went along with her when he shouldn't have. Which sadly this woman at work and others want men that always listen to them and agree with them which was Adam's sin was he agreed when Eve did something against God which in that case you should not agree. You could be diplomatic about it but still point out that what they are asking of you is wrong.


fschmidt said...

The story of Adam and Eve makes a few key points. One is that women generally act in what they believe to be their own self-interest. Another is that men have a tendency to blindly obey women. The lesson is that men should be skeptical when listening to women and should understand that women generally put their self-interest ahead of logic or morality. Your experience with the woman at work should be considered as another example of the point of the Adam and Eve story.

Analytical Adam said...

The first part not sure that is specifically a "woman's" trait more so then a man. Many times men do things as well that is in their own self interest even though it isn't the right thing to do.

The one way women are more vulnerable then men is to play on this undermining the man's authority which in this case it seems as if God told Adam and Adam told Eve so Eve didn't directly here it from God as Adam did which was why the snake focused on Eve because she could be more influenced to be convinced this wasn't what God truly said which is what the snake did.

Which is a tactic that evil people in engage in many times focusing on corrupting women which they feel is easier since God created woman to be the helpmate of a man which they can claim is just a male conspiracy to oppress women.

Bettina said...

As far as I'm concerned, as God gave Adam the care of Eden and All things, he also had a duty of care towards Eve.

Analytical Adam said...

God did punish Eve from eating from the apple that she would have childbearing in pain and that her husband would rule over her. (Genesis 3:16). So God did feel she was responsible.

God created her as the helpmate to Adam from the beginning and to do that actually requires her to care for Adam in his needs that he expresses. Not the other way around.

For certain things to help Adam they likely couldn't be together at all times and that would show that Adam doesn't trust Eve to fulfill her role as his helpmate is he is around her all the time anyway. That doesn't show much trust, does it.

And she became tempted here at a time either of relaxation or maybe was doing something in the garden for Adam while Adam was doing something else.