Sunday, October 02, 2011

Adam and Eve and Evolution.

It is funny when I was on you tube and looking up Adam and Eve this video came up.

But on further reflection I have noticed that talk shows like Michael Savage who believe in Evolution claim the story of Adam and Eve is a fairy tale so you can't have it both ways. But if we came from apes then the story of Adam and Eve wouldn't make a lot of sense. And God creating Eve as a helpmate to Adam as it is not good for man to be alone. If we evolved from animals that these traits should have already existed among animals which I don't think a female animal is the helpmate of a male animal. I don't think evolution could fit with the story of Adam and Eve which some Rabbis claim there can be both because a day is more then a day. But they seem to ignore the story of Adam and Eve which is the biggest obstacle to the theory of Evolution. It is a story that is a threat to many corrupt power hungry male religious leaders because after all a woman should be the helpmate of their husband not some male ruler that they should worship. So this story is almost ignored as a problem because they really don't like the story either but I don't think the story of Adam and Eve can fit Evolution and this video clearly feels that way that if Evolution is true then the story of Adam and Eve is false. Do female animals show this trait by the way of being a helpmate to their male counterparts. I don't think so although maybe they do.

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