Sunday, October 16, 2011

Michael Savage now being honest about Ron Paul the vicious anti-semite.

I did criticize Michael Savage for him starting to "feel bad" and praising Ron Paul. But he deserves credit when he recognizes that most of his supporters do hate Jews. You have neonazi's who support Ron Paul and he has said that the neocon's work with Likud which is utter nonsense and Paul of course knows that from being in the government for so long. There is a good you tube video by JTF about Ron Paul and his neonazi supporters. I don't agree with JTF and they want to create a state ruled by Rabbis who at this point have never been elected for anything and got their fame in Babylonia. But anyway Savage deserves credit where credit is due. And yes Ron Paul is a bigot and really isn't about small government either.

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

The discussion I had with a woman about Adam and Eve

Some people have really been obnoxious at the job I have been up as they try to have conversations in front of my face especially about going to church and to be fair I am not a fan of my own religion and don't go to synagogue very often and haven't gone in a while and I feel the male leaders mostly pander to women although they don't have their best interest at heart and some women see through them although some don't as they like that they are showed favoritism. But anyway I know some have had the most insane article on Adam and Eve to change the story because they don't like the fact that Eve sinned here or even that Adam named the animals and named his wife Eve. So anyway this woman who seems to love the male religious leader and doesn't even see she is being his helpmate and claims to be an expert on the bible I just could not believe how dishonest she was.

Sunday, October 09, 2011

The Jewish Calender sadly is fraudulant in some ways.

That is the conclusion I have reached. First of all the beginning of the year is during the spring time two weeks before the holidays of Passover. This month is the 7th month of the year. In the Bible months don't have names as they are based on the number of the year. Days as well work the same way as in the bible it is the 1st day, 2nd day, except for Shabbat. In the Jewish calender they have names for the months which who knows what these names mean as they may even have pagan origins as some English month and days are based on pagan gods. As do why we have names for the Jewish months, it seems to me this was to cover up the fact that they switched when the new year was and they couldn't call it by the number of the month like in the bible because it would seem silly and obvious to have the "new year" in the 7th month. So to cover their tracks they made these names for the month which I think are not based on anything to do with the bible. Sadly Judaism has much pagan influences just like other religions do at this time and I am not one at this point to think that we are so much better then other religions in that regard. Although God wants us to remove pagan influences in our observance which when we follow the God of the Bible properly it does reach the heart of man but when done improperly makes God out to be some evil irrational force which is not the truth.

Day of Atonement is today.

If you are fasting which I am today I hope you are having an easy fast. The Rabbinic calender makes it that Yom Kippur never falls out on a Friday, Sunday, or Tuesday. The problem with that is we are suppose to calculate the days of the holidays based on the new moon and sometimes based on the new moon the day of the holiday is on these days like this year where Year Kipper falls out on a Sunday.

Here is an article on the 1973 Yom Kipper war (I was born in 1973 the year Israel had a female PM and more men died on the first day of this war then any other war) and the real biblical day of Yom Kipper.

It is a good article although I am not a fan of Nehehiah Gordon which I have written why on this blog Nehemia Gordon
Link on the 1973 Yom Kipper war the the biblical day of Yom Kipper. Yom Kippur was 1973 and the biblical day of Yom Kipper

Tuesday, October 04, 2011

The idea that married men are less sexually aroused and to be more trusted around women in general.

Sad to say sometimes I have worked with married men who sometimes being married they can be worse then those who are not married. I think it depends on why they have intimacy especially when a woman is in her child bearing years when woman at that are somewhat more attractive which I think God created that way for a good reason in that it helps a woman be able to attract a man during those years and in a normal marriage as looks fade obviously there are other reasons that keep a marriage alive.

If intimacy is done for the wrong reasons it can become unhealthy that you just see women as a sex object and being married is going to change that and I certainly see some men who whenever they talk to a woman they will go over even disturbing the woman's time in doing so.

None of this is criminal; but it certainly doesn't suggest that being married they leave other women alone and let other men who unmarried talk to some of the women.

In fact it creates a classic catch 22. Men who need a job to help have money to get married in the first place can't get a job in some area's because they don't want an unmarried man teaching children unless they are married.

Monday, October 03, 2011

Paternal vs. Maternal Lineage in the torah in general it goes by the father (part 4) Lack of respect to other cultures

Anyway I thought I would get back to this topic. Here are my first 3 discussions on this topic.

My biggest issue is the lack of respect we are showing to the father who if the mother marries willingly which is what I am talking about here and is the case in most situations.

We are saying that when a woman marries someone not from our group the woman can just teach the child that his culture and his land and means nothing. What would others think the reason is since this isn't the case when a woman marries a Jewish man. They would think well it is because they aren't Jewish then you could use the man as just a sperm donor basically. This can't bring any respect to us as a people to have this difference when a woman willingly marries a man from another culture for whatever the reason is and for whatever reason the man has that he decides to marry someone not from his culture as maybe at least it seems like this person sadly was more of a proper woman and helpmate  then from his own culture and then to tell the kids according to the Rabbis since the father isn't Jewish this basic law is null and void is just an outrage.

Sunday, October 02, 2011

God bringing the Jewish people back from the 4 corners of the earth.

In Chapter 28 of Deuteronomy Moses mentions the curses the Jewish people will have is they don't follow the contract God made with us. In Chapter 30 God then mentions that if we take what happened to us with heart then God will change our fortunes and return us to the land of our forefathers.

The issue here is that actually it does suggest that gong back to the land we do need God's help as it doesn't say we should go back to the land. Is that because we shouldn't leave our family to live in Israel as it does say to live a long life in the land we should honor our parents (although that doesn't mean excusing or making excuses for serious sins against God parents have made) and if we move to Israel to leave them is that really what we should be doing. Of course clearly when God kicked the Jews out of arab lands and they were able to run to Israel in some way God was helping them (at least some of them) in moving to Israel.

These passages do go against a view held by some Rabbis and by some Karaites that I found very distasteful and false. And that is the claim that the holocaust happened because Jews didn't want to move to Israel.

Adam and Eve and Evolution.

It is funny when I was on you tube and looking up Adam and Eve this video came up.

But on further reflection I have noticed that talk shows like Michael Savage who believe in Evolution claim the story of Adam and Eve is a fairy tale so you can't have it both ways. But if we came from apes then the story of Adam and Eve wouldn't make a lot of sense. And God creating Eve as a helpmate to Adam as it is not good for man to be alone. If we evolved from animals that these traits should have already existed among animals which I don't think a female animal is the helpmate of a male animal. I don't think evolution could fit with the story of Adam and Eve which some Rabbis claim there can be both because a day is more then a day. But they seem to ignore the story of Adam and Eve which is the biggest obstacle to the theory of Evolution. It is a story that is a threat to many corrupt power hungry male religious leaders because after all a woman should be the helpmate of their husband not some male ruler that they should worship. So this story is almost ignored as a problem because they really don't like the story either but I don't think the story of Adam and Eve can fit Evolution and this video clearly feels that way that if Evolution is true then the story of Adam and Eve is false. Do female animals show this trait by the way of being a helpmate to their male counterparts. I don't think so although maybe they do.

Like hebrew podcast website.

Hebrew is a beautiful language and unlike english verbs change based on gender and singular of plural. About 6 month ago took a hebrew class but it was expensive and to be honest so-so and I don't think worth the amount you have to pay. Now online I found a podcast hebrew program that is only $50 for 3 or 6 months. With podcasts, games, flash cards, and interesting podcasts to teach you various hebrew words and phrases.

As well I think it is a husband-wife team and they do a good job of making it interesting and learning stuff as well. Here is the link to the site. Hebrewpodcasts

I hope everyone had a happy Yom Truah! Day of Blasting.

That is the real name of the holiday that just passed. Not Rosh Hashana. (The New Year). In fact it is interesting that it actually is in the middle of the year that we ask God for forgiveness for our sins on Yom Kippur which is coming up next Sunday. The calender as well should really start in the spring as they make the first month in September. Not sure what the months mean as it guess this was to cover up that it really isn't the beginning of the year. In the bible the month are based on the month of the year the 7th month, the 8th month, etc. Just as the days of the week are the 1st day (Yom Rishon) , the 2nd day (Yom Sheni) , except for Shabbos which is Shabat. Don't know what Tishri means the month that is now which is the 7th month. Anyone??