Monday, September 12, 2011

Wish I could do something to improve my eyesight.

With my glasses I can see 20/20. But I have a -5 refractive error in my better eye. Which is borderline severe as anything over -5 they say you have a 5% risk of detached retina. Which is a lot higher then if you have no or very minor refracted error. LASIK surgery doesn't cure myopia and actually is harmful to the cornea and weakens it. They overcompensate in a different way and only part of the eye so you have an irregular cornea and at night your pupil can be larger then the area they operated on so you have distortions. This operation thins the cornea. Some have cornea failure 5-10 years later that requires a cornea transplant.

Some "EYE EXERCISES" can help. They also use to have something called Accomotrac that is a biofeedback when your eye is relaxing when looking in the distance and I actually did this 18 years ago and it helped a little but at that time I had other issues. The other issue you have to wear a little weaker pair to get your eyes to work a little. Which I do actually wear now a prescription except when driving at night that is a little less then my full prescription. It may be overall better for the health my eyes to get my prescription down as much as I can but I guess at this point I have to live with it just as Moses had to live with having a speech impediment.  

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