Sunday, September 25, 2011

One of my coworkers thinks well of Ron Paul.

And this guy is a big guy that promotes his view of Christianity. A young guy. And he does work with other people and to be honest he seems very passive-aggressive. It does disturb me although he admits that he can't win. But to even think good of the man of course is disturbing. This at the health company I am working at in which they extended for another two months. But it does concern me this guy and he does things that other follow his lead. Of course he hides behind women to push his agenda. And just starts talking to them in this half type way just to be disrespectful of another person trying to work. Which then others copy him. Not sure if I should say anything. Anyone have advice? Because I do sense that this support is because he is very much anti-Jewish and don't know what it could lead to as in his case I don't think he is that dumb to support Ron Paul. Just he is very passive-aggressive in his way of trying to undermine others. He also isn't married.

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