Sunday, September 25, 2011

Mother who "abducted" her own kids from a child welfare agency.

Here is the link. Mom of 8 missing kids may be in SC

The story does not say why the children were taken from her. Sadly so called CPS does overstep its bounds and take children away from parents. Many who are in CPS are single women who are jealous of another woman who has a husband and children and get pleasure of taking children away from a loving family and don't believe foster care is a big deal. I have heard so called women in so called Orthodox shuls be involved in this racket and their hate and envy towards everyone else is obvious. They hate men. They hate women that are married and have children and they make money and they believe there is no difference between foster care and a child living with his biological parents. Of course foster care the so called parents are paid by the government and they have little long term interest in the welfare of the children they take care of as they only have them for a short period of time until they go into another foster home. The article says the women is in SC and is traveling with the childrens' father as well. . Sounds strange to me. Anyone know anything more about this case since little about being said and to take children away from parents is a terrible thing and should only be done if there is a very strong reason to do so. Not for political or because the government gives money for foster parents so they have a government incentive to take children away. 


Analytical Adam said...

Anyway SouternBelle did fill me in on this with this link and this comment that she couldn't post here.

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so the kids' father apparently made up some abuse accusations then now he is with the mother and kids??? It is unclear if the parents are/or were ever married. AND even better, just how does someone with 8 little kids just sneak out from a supervised visitation??? I mean really, 8 kids are so not noticeable if they just leave. That is stupid.

Analytical Adam said...

It is interesting because a recent bible reading talks about a man making a false accusation against a wife of not being a virgin and being a harlot. They flogged him not sure if this was to shame him or to cause physical pain but to take the kids away and put them in foster care really doesn't seem to be in the best interest of the children.