Thursday, September 22, 2011

More on why not too happy with the site Domestic Felicity whcih claims to fight feminism.

The two biggest reasons are as follows. 1. She at one point wrote an article on issues of why she thinks the pill isn't such a good idea. But now she is for the pill for others but not for herself and we really hurt our religion by promoting this as people do think our religion is a bunch of loopholes with no heart. It makes people think that Jewish people really are sex maniacs that they have to take the pill.  But she doesn't want to take it herself but pushes the Rabbinic position that  is ok for some which why she has to just push the male Rabbis ideas is another issue.

The other though is her staying home or not a lot of men who go to shul and I see it in men who go to the church they think they are better then other men and they rationalize mistreating other men in the workplace and rationalize pretending they figured out something that was figured out by somebody else and of course they also will more likely share it with other women then men because after all other men are just to steal from and use and of course since they go to a congregation all women are for them.

Religion is FULL OF SOCIALISM that the male leaders adopt for the same reason secular people do and that is they realize it is a way to intrude and gain absolute power by playing to envy politics.

I am seeing this a lot in the job I am currently at. They love attacking fathers which of course Rabbis don't even care who a child's father is which all despotic people want to undermine the men of others at that is in their own way of absolute power.

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