Sunday, September 25, 2011

A man making false charges against his wife that she wasn't a virgin.

The bible was aware that people do make false charges sometimes when they are unhappy with their spouse. This is an interesting case and the consequences of it. It is here in Deutoronomy 22:13-19.& 20-30.  That is the man is found that this was made up and she was a virgin he is flogged and has to be 100 silver shekels  he can't divorce her although I guess if she wants out her father can pay him to get out of the marriage.  I guess publicly shaming him which I guess this flogging may have been more for will mean he has to rebuild his own image and he can't just go around making false charges against his wife.

It does seem like a strange punishment and does that really benefit the woman if he lied about her. I guess that he is forced to support her in the way a man is suppose to support a wife even if she is difficult. And despite what the feminist think men don't normally hurt women so if he doesn't like her and it is a responsibility he has well it is too bad now that he made up false charges.

The other part is that if a woman was found not to be a virgin and it is true she is punished with the death penalty. I guess this is a case where she was thought to be a virgin and if she was violated at some point she would have to mention this to her parents and not just pretend it never happened. As women that do sleep around are putting any possible children they have from this in a very unhealthy environment and God wants to protect the truly vulnerable which are the children.

In fact the last passage in this chapter discusses if a woman is violated when she is not married which again the man doesn't have the right to divorce her and has to pay a fine to the father which not may have been a lot 50 silver shekels. I can't believe it was just like a parking ticket. Again it is a strange concept but the guy is forced to have responsibility rather then remain a bachelor with only himself to take care of and that is even if the wife is difficult. It is too bad. Any other commentary on this as it certainly is perplexing to today's sensibilities although at the end of the day women today turn to government who helps woman who are not married which comes out of men and other peoples pay checks. I assume in BOTH cases the father can say he doesn't want her daughter married to this man for various reasons. Although I guess in general this is in a society that does punish immorality as the torah does view it very harshly and I do think it is for good reason and to protect children when you see children with very promiscuous mothers it is horrible for children. So it wasn't like most of the men were bad either as the reality is many men who become very disturbed actually are in homes with no father which is one of the things the torah does not want.

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fschmidt said...

All of these Torah laws make perfect sense and are very logical and fair. It is modern sensibilities that are depraved and are typical of most declining cultures in history.

The point of punishing a man who falsely accuses his wife is simply to be a deterrent to prevent him from doing this. Women greatly value their reputations, and in a sound culture where women are generally expected to be virgins at marriage, an accusation to the contrary is a great insult to the wife. A man who falsely makes such an accusation well deserves to be punished.

It also makes perfect sense to force men who seduce virgins to marry them. This has been the traditional approach in most successful cultures. Again, it is a deterrent to men against corrupting young women. And it is a deterrent for women to have sex with men who they don't want to marry. And it ensures that if children result from this, they will have both parents.